'Unthinkable:' J6 Committee Accused of DESTROYING Key Intelligence Documents About Capitol Riot

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It looks like the background intelligence documents about the Capitol Hill riot have gone the way of certain Secret Service call records, the Capitol Hill pipe bomber’s identity, the ID of the White House cocaine addict, and Hillary Clinton’s BleachBit emails. Key evidence is missing. It’s gone. Vanished. If you’re in any way confused, let’s be clear: this is how a corrupt, banana republic, tinpot dictatorship acts.


Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) and former President Donald Trump alleged that at least two terabytes of information were not preserved by the Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney show trial producers. “The more we go in,” Loudermilk told Fox News Digital, “the more we’re realizing that there’s things that we don’t have [sic]. We don’t have anything about security failures at the Capitol, we don’t have the videos of the depositions.”

Loudermilk, who chairs the House Oversight subcommittee, says the documents they did get, 2.5 Terabytes out of 4, were a mess. “Nothing was indexed,” he said. “There was no table of contents index,” as there usually is in these types of documents. They simply got raw data, “so it took us a long time going through it and one thing I started realizing is we don’t have anything much at all from the Blue Team.” The Blue Team is the investigating arm of the J6 Committee that looked into the threats prior to the riot. And now documents supporting that work have been disappeared.

Loudermilk told Fox Digital that “sources have told him the Blue Team was essentially ‘shut down’ by the committee to focus on placing the blame on former President Trump.”

He said information on the threats before the riot is practically nil. “We don’t have anything about security failures at the Capitol,” he said. “We don’t have the videos of the depositions.”He said, “We’re not seeing anything from the Blue Team as far as reports on the investigation they did looking into the actual breach itself.” Well, isn’t that convenient?


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Why would they hide or destroy that information? Wouldn’t you want to know why undercover cops dressed as Trump supporters and Antifa were operating on Capitol grounds that day? Wouldn’t you want to know why the Speaker of the House and the D.C. mayor both forbid National Guard presence offered by the Trump administration? If threats were not out of the ordinary, why were D.C. police dressed in Trump gear, urging and joining protesters in climbing the scaffolding outside the Capitol Building? Was this staged to stop the effort by several conservative senators to call for an audit of certain states with hinky, recently switched election laws?

Here’s another question: Why would the Committee destroy records, hand them off to the White House, and make it as difficult as possible for Congress to check their work?

Loudermilk says a letter from the Committee to the White House shows that it turned over Committee evidence to the counsel’s office — evidence he claims didn’t make it into the data dump he got.

Chair Bennie Thompson told Loudermilk his select committee wasn’t required to preserve this information, thus confirming that it did not. It’s a contention with which Loudermilk strenuously disagrees. “He’s saying they decided they didn’t have to,” he told Fox. “It was clear in law they had to especially, and, I mean, if there were any question, the fact that they used the videos in the hearings would dictate that it had to be preserved.”


Weird, isn’t it, that the “mistakes” go only one way — against former President Trump?

We’ve long known that the Trump White House offered the National Guard to both Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. Both rebuffed the offer due to bad “optics.” Threat assessments about the breach were not shared with Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund, though he had several calls with agencies in the lead-up to January 6. Why wasn’t he told? In a stunning revelation, Sund told former Fox host Tucker Carlson that the J6 Committee never asked the former Capitol Police Chief to testify.

Trump wrote on his Truth Social account:


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What Trump was getting at in his usual histrionic style was that if the documents aren’t available for some reason, such as being destroyed, he can’t use them in his defense in the January 6 prosecution.

“This is unthinkable,” Trump soberly remarked. He’s right: it is unthinkable. Unfathomable, really.

It appears the J6 Committee, the DOJ, and now the White House (which has some of the documents, according to Loudermilk) teed up a dog ate-my-homework scenario. They intentionally left Trump with less exculpatory evidence in his defense and big holes in the official record of the extent to which the feds orchestrated the breach, riot, and prosecutions. This is obstruction of justice.


“[T]he Fake Political Indictment against me must be immediately withdrawn,” Trump insisted, though there’s a near-zero chance of that happening with this Department of Just-Us and its weaponized FBI.

In another Truth Social post, Trump wrote that “[The Committee members] knew EXACTLY what they were doing. AN EGREGIOUS CRIMINAL ACT & BLATANT DISREGARD OF THE LAW! Can you imagine if I would have done such a thing???”

Because so many of these types of incidents have taken place — see the first paragraph of this story for only a few examples — the Democrats no longer get the benefit of the doubt. They have earned suspicion, antipathy, and hisses from the American people.

Assuming Loudermilk isn’t mistaken after chasing down this information for months, this is a consequential, event-changing subversion of justice that serves as a capstone of this party’s corruption dating back at least to Hillary’s peeing hookers dossier.

“The January 6th Unselect Committee got rid of EVERYTHING! Discarded, Deleted, Thrown Out. A Flagrant Violation of the law,” Trump spat. “They had so much to hide, and now that I have Subpoena Power, they didn’t want to get caught,” he said. No one doubts that. If you do at this point, get yourself checked out for TDS.

For those who didn’t bother to watch it, which is most of us, the January 6 Committee’s mission wasn’t to find the truth of what happened that day but to arrive at its foreordained blame of Donald Trump for all of it. The only thing missing from the slickly produced show trial was Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck singing, “Overture, curtain, lights, this is it, we’ll hit the heights. And, oh, what heights we’ll hit, on with the show this is it!”


The show’s over, Democrats. We’re onto you.

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