West Coast, Messed Coast™ Report – Lyin' and Hidin' Edition

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Greetings, West Coast, Messed Coasters™. In this Friday the 13th edition, I lead off with the discovery of a mound of documents proving the existence of MK-Ultra-like experiments on Washington state prisoners some 50 years ago. But the question is why current COVID-19 dictator Jay Inslee suppressed them in 2021. Let’s see if you come up with the right answer.


Former Freedom Foundation activist Glen Morgan, on his “We the Governed” YouTube channel, received the documents via a whistleblower. They show that a collection of mad scientists, some from a pharmaceutical company, conducted experiments on prisoners using a chemical warfare agent called Ditran. According to Morgan, the heavily redacted documents revealed prisoners who were forced to comply suffered psychotic episodes, amnesia, and other bad effects.

The theme of subjecting prisoners, mental patients, CIA assets, and others to such medical experimentation, sadly, is not new. But Morgan reports the real story is that a year after the documents were discovered in 2020, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and his attorney general, Bob Ferguson, colluded to hide them. This was because, at the time, Inslee was forcing his own medical experiments on Washington state residents in the form of forced COVID-19 shots. Inslee required all state workers to get a COVID shot or be fired in 2021. The state still hasn’t recovered from the loss of all that talent.

It’s likely Inslee, a gleeful lockdown artist who still hasn’t given up his “emergency” powers, didn’t like the comparison with the forced prison experiments.

Now, why would that be? See Morgan’s video at the end of this article.

All along the West Coast, Messed Coast™, housing prices have grown to astronomical levels. This week, San Diego crossed a threshold that raised more than a few sunglasses-covered eyebrows. The median price of a house in San Diego County rose to one million dollars. That means that 50% of the houses are going for more and 50% are going for less.


Of course, the governments all along the West Coast, Messed Coast™ have done nothing but make it harder to afford homes. Nobody’s saying some regulations aren’t needed, but a study in 2015 showed the government regulations in effect at the time raised the price of a house by 40%.

Worse? The California legislature is entertaining a bill to raise the price of home-building by imposing a 25% tax on house flippers.

San Diego County Assemblyman Chris Ward says the tax on gains if the house is sold within three years will cut down on speculation … not to mention the supply of houses in the biggest state on the West Coast, Messed Coast™.

What would our West Coast, Messed Coast™ report be without Portland’s Democrat Party shock troops, Antifa’s, weekly attack? This time the black bloc-clad, godless fire ants tried to destroy a crisis pregnancy counseling center because, you know, abortion! Since such centers are usually run by religious organizations, this could be classified as a hate crime — unless their crack district attorney agrees with the thugs.


Speaking of which, how dare the San Francisco Police Department hold an event gathering cops and kids to eat ice cream. Naturally, Antifa wore their black-bloc best and brought bullhorns to ruin things for the “12” and the kids.

Antifa is why we can’t have nice things.

A shortage of cops is why a Seattle doggie daycare owner has had to make a tacit deal with the local drug dealers to watch his store, which has been broken into four times since he opened it in January.

In a hair-raising interview for my Adult in the Room Podcast, Josh Center, owner of Club Dogfish in the Belltown area of Seattle, told me he’s lived in D.C. and Baltimore, and Seattle is worse. Yes, it’s like a scene out of The Wire, and Center would know because he lived in Baltimore’s projects next door to where they filmed the series.

Great job, Seattle!

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Finally, a good news story, West Coast, Messed Coasters™! I take you to this T-Mobile store in Seal Beach, Calif. Instead of getting a bunch of phones and other merchandise, a robber got a beatdown.


Watch the guy’s buddy walking away as if nothing was wrong.

A witness said the robber was armed and had the gun in his hand when he was tackled.

There’s been a string of cell phone store robberies, but the bad guys picked the wrong employee to mess with this time.

See? Another happy ending in your West Coast, Messed Coast™ Report!

You’re welcome!

Until next time.



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