Antifa's Violent Attack on the Portland 'Peoples Truck Convoy' Was Openly Plotted on Twitter

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The “People’s Convoy” of truckers was attacked by known Antifa members who dropped projectiles, paintballs, eggs, and other objects at passing motorists in hopes of injuring drivers and stopping the convoy.


The attack could have been deadly. And it was openly organized on Twitter. But sure, let’s censor conservative speech, Silicon Valley and Alejandro Mayorkas.

Five people wearing masks stationed themselves on an I-205 overpass, which ribbons through Portland’s east side, and recklessly and wantonly threw objects at passing motorists and the convoy. They displayed a sign reading, “Trump Lost.” Apparently, the Jacobins assumed that everyone is as weak-minded as they were and that their words would trigger … something.

The assault on the vehicles forced motorists to stop, causing a backup on a busy Friday afternoon on the interstate freeway that creates a beltway around parts of Southwest Washington and Portland.

The attackers recklessly dropped the projectiles to harm innocent people going home from work or school. But their target was the truckers who exercised their First Amendment rights to speak and their Fifth Amendment right to move freely.

Antifa doesn’t like free speech, which is why I call these Jacobins, AntiFirst-Amendment.


People have gone to prison for attacks like this. Physics doesn’t care about your warped political beliefs, Antifa.

At one point, a decommissioned yellow fire truck used its water cannon to spray the Antifa attackers.

Among the people maliciously and recklessly throwing items at traffic was John Hacker, a known Antifa organizer, with whom I spoke on a recent edition of my Adult in the Room Podcast. It’s worth a listen to at least appreciate the deflection and pseudo-intellectual babble used to justify Antifa’s lawlessness and willingness to commit violence to shut people up. At the point of my interview with “Antifa John,” I hadn’t realized he was one of the people who attacked independent journalist Andy Ngo.

Hacker was on the overpass on Friday, according to Ngo.

Police eventually responded, but there’s no news about arrests.

Antifa is known for gaslighting and rewriting the history of nearly all their violent attacks, and this one was no different.

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Known Antifa Twitter accounts quickly began circulating a story that shots had been fired at them, but there’s no evidence for that at this point. In the video, one man was seen getting out of a vehicle and unholstering a pistol once traffic was stopped, but it’s unclear if he fired it. If someone did use a gun, however, they’d have a decent case for self-defense and defense of others.

Antifa attempts to flood the zone with their tweets and retweets in order to get friendly leftist media to pick up their storyline so they can later claim the upper hand on the narrative that the corporate press uses.

It’s an old trick.

Monday is May Day, the Left’s favorite day to break windows and hurt people. Or, as it’s known in Portland these days, just another day that ends in a “y.”



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