Well, Well, Well … Russia Hoax Special Counsel Is Investigating the 2016 DNC Server 'Hack' and That's Not All

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The Federalist is exclusively reporting that the Special Counsel investigating the origins of the Russia Collusion hoax — which so far, in filings, point directly to Hillary Clinton and her campaign hired guns — is also looking into the 2016 Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer server “hack.” At least one familiar name has coincidentally turned up.


This is the first inkling that John Durham is looking into the mystery of the DNC server hack, the contents of which were transmitted somehow to DC Leaks.

Published leaks showed that then-DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.) used the supposedly objective political organization to favor the Hillary Clinton campaign over that of Bernie Sanders. Wasserman-Schultz lost her DNC job over the scandal right before the 2016 nominating convention.

After the leaks, the DNC immediately blamed “the Russians” to further buttress their fake story that Donald Trump was somehow colluding with Vladimir Putin to conduct the hack.
But the DNC hack story has never been quite that simple. It appears that Durham may see it that way, too.

For example, the FBI, tasked with looking into the hack, was never allowed to examine the DNC servers. Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey could have used subpoenas to get a look at the DNC setup, but he never did.

Clinton and DNC attorney Michael Sussmann, who Durham indicted for lying to the FBI, hired CrowdStrike to track the hacker. The cybersecurity company concluded, in what must have been record time, that the Russians did it. That notion was hoisted up the flagpole and everyone saluted. Except for Durham, it appears.


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The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland reports that documents she requested uncovered an email revealing at least one person used to concoct the phony Russian Alfa Bank connection to Donald Trump was also in charge of investigating the DNC’s alleged server hack.

The man known in filings as “Tech Executive 1,” widely believed to be Rodney Joffe, is alleged by Durham to have used his Department of Defense contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to cull through sensitive White House communications metadata and tasked his researchers at Georgia Tech to find connections between Trump and Alfa Bank. Joffe believed he would be hired as Clinton’s top cybersecurity expert when she became president. Researchers, including Mano Antonakakis and David Dagon, were pressed to infer (make up) connections that were later laughed out of court.

Now comes news that Antonakakis was also involved in investigating the server hack. Cleveland wonders if the DoD somehow had access to the DNC server and if attorney Sussmann gave that clearance.


And, of course, the question is: what really happened to the server?

For what it’s worth, tech people familiar with the hack story told me years ago they didn’t believe there was a hack, per se. They believe the embarrassing information was removed by an insider who ex-filled the information with a simple thumb drive and handed it off to leakers.

Or maybe the crazy Ivans did it.

The FBI could have solved this caper long ago, but apparently didn’t want to. Now that John Durham is investigating, we may finally get some real answers and not Hillary Clinton’s Russian disinformation.


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