Why Did Joe Biden Build His Hollywood Oval Office Set? An Answer Emerges.

President Joe Biden participates in a virtual meeting of the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate on Friday, September 17, 2021, in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott) From Flickr

One year ago, Reuters and all the rest of the mainstreams released their minion fact-checkers to debunk the notion that Joe Biden had a fake Oval Office from which he was doing the American people’s business.

Stories and speculations of a fake movie set Oval Office were declared to be fake news.

The bright lights at Snopes “debunked” the existence of a fake Oval Office where Joe worked, with this headline: “Is This Biden on a Movie Set Resembling the Oval Office? The reality won’t stop it from happening.” The “fact-checkers” found that a photo claiming Joe was sitting in a fake office was “miscaptioned.”

Politifact: “NEW: A conspiracy theory circulating online says Joe Biden’s inauguration was fake, and that his Oval Office is really a movie set. Nope.” Combining claims, changing facts, and then fact-checking what people don’t say is Democrat outfit’s favorite trick to find something wrong and rewrite a narrative, but click on the story and find they instead checked “claims that the inauguration was fake or that Joe Biden is not the real president.”

Reuters was aghast that anyone would dare say their candidate built a Potemkin Oval Office, calling the claim of a “fake White House set” “misleading.”

But the fake fact-checkers were wrong. All wrong.

In Sept. 2021, when Joe got his COVID booster in his Potemkin White House office, the Left’s fake fact-checkers pretended their previous protestations, guffaws, and “fact checks” to the contrary were no big deal. Nothing to see here.

PJ Media colleague Matt Margolis asked at the time “what purpose is the fake pseudo-White House set serving? For years now, the actual White House has been perfectly adequate, but why is Joe Biden on a specially constructed set in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building’s South Court Auditorium—which is across the street from the White House?”

Why indeed?

The White House has never answered the question.

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller probably came the closest to the reason behind the set build-out when he said it was easier to use a teleprompter on a Hollywood set than in the real Oval Office.

Source: White House Flickr

Indeed, Joe himself, who conducted practically his entire presidential campaign from a basement set, probably figured he could do the actual job from a Zoom set as well. Better lighting too.

Source: White House Flickr

Now after allowing fake fact-checkers to lie on their behalf about the Potemkin Office, which is as real as Joe’s veneers, photos of the Hollywood set are proliferating on the White House Flickr account.

There won’t be any snark from Room Raters about this set, no sir.

Source: White House Flickr

Before the fake office was declared to be fake news from the fake fact-checkers, there was much frivolity about the fakery of the fake office, especially when the White House placed fake images in the windows sometimes to call attention to an issue or simply play pretend games such as flowers blooming in the Rose Garden in October.

While the White House hasn’t officially commented about its rationale for the fake office, it is becoming clearer by the day.

The president doesn’t get out much, in case you hadn’t noticed.

He “calls a lid” early on most days, whereas Trump was up early and stayed up late. During January in the second year of his presidency, where we are now with Joe Biden, Trump was mocked for getting to the Oval Office at eleven — though he’d begun his day sometimes as early as 4 a.m., judging from his tweets. Barack Obama started at 10:00 in the morning.

Joe doesn’t appear to work many weekends; he starts late and leaves early. He doesn’t travel much.

So far in January, the farthest the president has traveled was Atlanta, paying respects to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s memory and delivering his most divisive, racist speech yet — and that’s saying something for him. According to his official schedule, most of his trips have been to home in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Camp David, and Virginia, all of which are either a drive or helicopter ride away.

The president, whose thinking on his feet is as addled as his shuffle, doesn’t get out much. His fear of COVID is palpable, though he still maintains, ample building evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, that St. Pfizer will get us through this “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Biden ambled to his fake White House in September for a photo op showing him getting his booster shot.

Newsweek spoke to the White House Events Director, Josh King, who noted that the new stage set means “easy access” and less walking “for all.” King says the Hollywood set is to give a nod to “PoliOptics” which, he says, has “an element of theater and stagecraft, one side or another working to take full advantage of visual storytelling.” And here’s the takeaway. “Presidents can fly on Air Force One across the country—or even around the world—for a photo-worthy to print on the top of the fold of U.S. newspapers,” and this fake office provides a pretty picture without the president having to go anywhere.

Former White House spokeswoman, Kayleigh McEnany, says Joe has “shut himself in the White House” in a fit of fear. She believes he “is hiding” while his communications people run a “PR campaign” to protect him before a compliant press.

Franklin Roosevelt restricted the press from showing him in his wheelchair in official photos. There would be all manner of artifice surrounding the president. You’ll see him seated at the Resolute Desk or in a convertible car, but Americans did not get the full picture of his polio-caused paralysis until well after he left the Oval Office.

The press lied for him.

Now, this president has an entirely new, safe-spaced, Hollywood set where he sits at a near-child-sized desk in lighting that provides pretty pictures “worthy to print above the fold of U.S. newspapers” while the press lies for him.

Joe Biden, when he does show up for work, sits in his Potemkin Office for photo ops, the office that the same press “fact-checkers” swore didn’t exist.

And on it goes.


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