'Sit Down, Karen!' – Maskless Woman Slaps Man in the Face for Not Wearing Mask on Plane

Poor “Karen.” Her magical incantations of persuasion — “Put your f–king mask on, you piece of sh-t!” — for some incomprehensible reason, failed to have their desired effect on a man on a Delta Airlines flight from Tampa to Atlanta.


Maybe her powers of persuasion failed because he knew something about mask efficacy. Maybe her magic words failed because he knew a bit about airplane filtration systems. Or maybe he was eating.

He wasn’t at that moment wearing his mask to her satisfaction and “Karen” wasn’t having it.

Video of the woman’s attack shows that her own mask was around her neck, apparently to make sure he heard her “Christmas wishes” and mask threats. Put another way, she wore her mask in precisely the same fashion as his and still berated him for his mask failures.

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But profanely berating him was only part of her act. After slapping him across the face, our Karen is seen in the videos going for his throat with two hands and, as one person videoing the event said, spitting at him because he wouldn’t do as she commanded.

There were at least two videos taken of the Christmas Eve attack. In a video of the incident posted on Instagram, the man wore a mask under his chin, exactly as the woman wore hers.


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The man responded to her epithets and physical attack by saying “sit down, Karen!” He also told her, “you’re going to jail!” and called her a “b—h.” It took three airline attendants to subdue her. One attendant used the food cart to gently push her down the aisle and away from the man.

Some people met their loved ones for Christmas at the end of the flight. “Karen” was met by police vehicles as seen at the end of one of the videos. WSB-TV reports that the FBI met a woman named Patricia Cornwall at the gate and took her into custody. Apparently, they take a dim view of assault and battery.

The COVID pandemic and its latest and weakest variant so far, omicron, have caused massive cancellations of flights across the country. The New York Post reports that nearly one thousand domestic and international flights were canceled on Saturday alone.

And how was your Christmas?

Probably better than Karen’s.



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