Meet 'Grambo,' the Star of the First Day of Defense Case in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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She’s not a nut. She’s not a militia member. She’s “Grambo,” and her testimony in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Tuesday completely beguiled many people watching the Kenosha County trial. As such, they’ve christened her with the new nickname.


Joann Fiedler, who started a patriot group, testified for the defense that she drove to Kenosha after witnessing violent rioting in the city. She ended up in a group of armed men guarding a car company and it was there she met Kyle Rittenhouse. She brought her .380 semiautomatic pistol and wore it in a holster while she stood guard at the Car Source business.

Fiedler reminded people of their Midwestern grandma and perhaps served as a proxy for Kyle Rittenhouse. She showed that the people moved to protect Kenosha businesses during the fiery riots weren’t militia members, but people who believed that violence and property destruction aren’t OK.

She was every mom.

Fiedler testified that the first man shot, Joseph Rosenbaum, threw something at the people protecting the Car Source and the next minute she felt stinging in her eyes. Rosenbaum is believed to have thrown chlorine bombs carried in his plastic hospital bag. He’d just been let out of the hospital for treatment of his bipolar condition earlier that day.

Fiedler often corrected the prosecutor for getting her story wrong and was matter-of-fact and unapologetic about wanting to go to Kenosha to protect property and people.

She said that as the crowd grew more violent, she dipped inside the Car Source. It’s there that Rittenhouse later ran inside and told her, “I shot somebody, I shot somebody. I had to. My God, my life may be over.”


Rittenhouse was encouraged to turn himself in to the cops and surrender to the police vehicles, holding his hands up, but they told him to step on the sidewalk and sprayed him and demonstrators with chemical spray.

She testified that the group of people she was with was welcomed to protect the business after two of the business’s other two locations were destroyed in the rioting.

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