Rittenhouse Prosecutor Pretends Antifa Doesn't Use Skateboards as Weapons. Portland Begs to Differ.

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In one of the more brutal attacks against Kyle Rittenhouse during the Kenosha riots, the 17-year-old was knocked over by a haymaker from behind and, while he was lying on the ground, kicked in the head. Then, Rittenhouse was bashed in the head multiple times with a skateboard wielded by Anthony Huber.


Rittenhouse shot and killed Huber.

In opening statements, defense attorney Mark Richards described the beating by Huber as  “trying to separate [Rittenhouse’s] head from the body.”

He was mocked on social media for using hyperbole.

And more mockery.

And still more.

You get the picture.

Prosecutor Thomas Binger attempted to downplay the multiple skateboards seen at the Kenosha riots as mere child’s toys and described those using them “as eight-year-old kids do to skate around on.”

He asked a witness, a live-streamer from the night of the shootings, what he did with his skateboard. “I don’t hit people with my skateboard, I just ride it like you’re meant to,” he responded.

So, naturally, hitting people with skateboards is absurd, right?

Well, Antifa Central — Portland, Oregon — begs to differ.


Binger’s statement was intended to leave this question in the minds of the jury: “Gee, why would anyone have to use deadly force against a guy with a skateboard?”

Skateboards, and their potent and hefty metal trucks, are used as weapons in Antifa black bloc violence all the time.

In his book “UNMASKED: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” Andy Ngo writes about an Antifa skateboard beatdown by a “100% Antifa!” black bloc “security guard,” identified as Michael Reinoehl, in Portland.

On July 26, 2020, two men who wanted to observe the protests began recording on their phones in Lownsdale Square, a public park that became the operations zone of BLM‐antifa. One of the men, Aaron Scott Collins, was suddenly accused of being a Nazi, and the mob called for others to steal his phone.356 Collins was hit with a skateboard and knocked down. While he was on the ground, the security team tried to steal his handgun, which was legally owned. Reinoehl was one of the people who tried to grab the pistol. Love was there as well.

The gun discharged during the struggle, and Reinhoehl was grazed in the arm by the bullet. The security team continued to beat the two men and eventually stole Collins’s gun. Collins was taken to hospital by ambulance, where he received treatment for a head and bleeding mouth injury. No one was ever arrested over the assault and robbery.


One month later, Michael Reinoehl would use a gun to lie in wait after a conservative political rally and assassinate Trump supporter Aaron Danielson on the streets of Portland.

In 2017, a black bloc Antifa thug used a skateboard to begin beating a guy on the ground, which sounds oddly familiar.

In July of the “Summer of Love,” Antifa used skateboards not only to bash heads, but to break in to places and damage property.

The day after Huber beat on Kyle Rittenhouse with his skateboard, this Twitter user decided to drop some knowledge on the matter.

A blogger in July of 2020 explained this phenomenon in a post entitled, “How Urban Terrorist BLM/Antifa, Self-Declared ‘New Police’ Weaponize Skateboards.”


During his opening statement, defense attorney Mark Richards said law enforcement, prosecutors and Huber’s girlfriend, who was at the third night of riots with him, never turned over the skateboard for examination. A bloodied and bruised Kyle Rittenhouse would have left DNA on the board.

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Besides skateboards, professional agents provocateur also use weaponized protest signs (watch out for nails), ball bearings, umbrellas, lasers, frozen water bottles, soup cans, and all manner of other household items as weapons.

You don’t get arrested with that stuff in your black back pack. Everyone knows this.

And so does the prosecutor.

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