Portland Cops Announce They'll Sit Out Planned Antifa Assault on 'Pro-Freedom March' ... and Then a Gunfight Breaks Out

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An actual gun battle broke out on the streets of Portland Sunday during an attack by antifa against street preachers and Proud Boys, but why be surprised?

Last week, Portland Police and Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that they would do nothing to curb the upcoming planned attack on a “pro-freedom” march on Sunday afternoon. Instead of doing their jobs and stopping the planned assault, the “leaders” called for “choosing love” and “denouncing hate” on the streets.


By denouncing “hate,” which is considered anything right-of-center, the Leftist Wheeler so much as green-lighted an attack on the street preachers and Proud Boys.

Antifa was standing by.

Sunday’s antifa assault included threats and reports of snipers on rooftops.

Antifa forward-deployed equipment near the area of the planned downtown rally, which was later changed. The second location was also attacked by antifa.

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And in the end, a gunfight broke out on the downtown streets and that’s when the police bothered to show up.


No one was injured except the man in the hat above who was arrested. There was no report from police of any arrests made of the person or persons shooting at him.

It’s odd that no footage was released of the people firing at the man in the hat because more shots were certainly coming his way than were coming from him.

Antifa threatened legacy news reporters and photographers who covered the event, so any footage of the people shooting at the guy in the hat may be left on the cutting room floor – or else.

Interestingly, another Twitter account conceded that the man in the hat didn’t pull his gun until he was being “chased” by antifa.

It didn’t need to get that bad, of course. It never does.

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Instead of doing their jobs and enforcing the law, the Portland Police were ordered to sit this one out due to defunding-related understaffing and cops leaving for places where the rule of law is still observed.

However, Portland Police issued several sternly worded tweets announcing that “combatants” had best straighten up and fly right or they’d be in trouble when dad gets home.


While details are difficult to ascertain due to competing narratives and misinformation, the planned attack against local street preachers, Proud Boys, and others was organized on Twitter and other social media by antifa. That much is certain.

There were two locations where antifa started fights with the marchers. In one location, several antifa members in black bloc drove up and rapidly deployed against street preachers marching with religious paraphernalia.

They tossed IEDs, smoke bombs, and chemical spray.

Later, men who appear to be with Proud Boys flipped the van over in the street near where it had been crashed by the attacking antifa mob.

At the downtown location, Rose City Antifa’s leader Luis Marquez attacked a man literally preaching the Gospel, ripping off his hat and glasses.


On August 29, it will be the one-year anniversary of the political assassination of a right-wing President Trump supporter by a “100% antifa” security guard on the streets of Portland. Aaron “Jay” Danielson was walking downtown after a Trump rally when his pursuer, Michael Forest Reinoehl, stalked and then lay in wait for him. Reinoehl was killed in a shootout with federal agents in Olympia, Wash., where he ran after the murder.

Portland has experienced an increase in violent crimes and shootings this year, as city and county leaders have chosen to go the way of LA, San Francisco, and Seattle’s easy-on-criminals jurisprudence.

On Sunday, it was the Wild West again.




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