Is It Any Wonder Americans Mistrust the Intelligence Community When They Pull Stunts Like This?

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The former leader of three American spy agencies thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to joke (heh, heh)  about sending President Trump’s supporters to Taliban overrun Afghanistan because some don’t want the Covid shot.

That’s a real knee slapper, General Michael Hayden.

The left-leaning former head of the National Security Agency, former CIA director, and former deputy director of national intelligence, probably could have pulled that off during his career – and maybe even afterward (heh, heh).

The retired Air Force general sure supports sending people somewhere else. The Biden-endorsing former spook retweeted a meme about sending President Trump to Russia. What a laugh riot (heh, heh)!


And he called the former president an “ass****. Pure and simple.”

Hayden is batting cleanup for Team Biden by trying to reframe the administration’s disastrous Afghanistan collapse. He retweeted a Slate story claiming former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has lied more about the Afghanistan collapse than the White House.

That’s a joke right?

But nothing says elitism more than a D.C. Beltway trough slogger who not only hates Trump but his voters too.

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“Good idea,” wrote the good (heh, heh) general to a guy who tweeted him the question, “Can we send the MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan, no use sending that plane back empty? [sic]”

The tweet was liked by one thousand people and got 4,600 responses, including amusing clap-backs that our Stephen Green highlighted in his story about this.

I can’t imagine why any Americans would mistrust the “intelligence community [that has] six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” according to Senator Chuck Schumer.

Don’t tell the clueless general, but an MIT study revealed that the most vaccine-hesitant are highly educated, “informed, and scientifically literate.

And that’s no joke.

Heh, heh.



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