Dementia Joe Forgets Where He Is Again

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

No, we don’t think it’s funny when grandpa gets lost at home, either. But your gramps isn’t the president of the United State like Joe Biden, so there’s that.


Joe Biden’s mental acuity matters.

After years of trying to paint former President Trump as the wild-eyed man – with former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatening joking (heh, heh) that he’d  wear a wire to get evidence to invoke the 25th Amendment – the deep state and their leakees in the media had been hunting for something – anything – to get the president on.

But that’s so last year.

Now that Joe Biden is in the Oval Office, the media can’t look away fast enough from the man who obviously suffers from cognitive problems.

And now Joe’s gotten lost again. And this time, Joe got lost in front of the whole world.

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At the G-7 summit in the UK, Doctor Jill Biden slipped ahead of Joe to jawbone with some dignitaries.

It appears Joe stepped away from a table and, for a brief moment, forgot where he was supposed to be going. He stopped and looked around, failing to see Jill Biden nearby.

Jill Biden called out to Joe, which he apparently couldn’t hear, which forced her into making exaggerated hand movements encouraging him to come over to her.

You know the thing. Obviously, this isn’t the only time Joe has gotten lost, either in his mind or physically.

His Democrat opponents called him out for his forgetfulness on the campaign trail.


He’s forgotten the name of his Defense secretary.

Joe’s forgotten multiple times that Kamala Harris is the vice president … and not the president.

Joe’s forgotten the name of the president of the United States, his opponent in the last campaign.

Joe’s forgotten the office he ran for.

And he’s forgotten The Pledge of Allegiance. For real.

There will be those who say Joe’s forgotten more than we’ll ever know.  Apparently, a lot of the rest is written in invisible ink.


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