Governor Lockdown, Gretchen Whitmer, 'Borrowed' Billionaire's Jet to Fly to Florida While Demanding Her Subjects Stay Home

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Hoo boy, we finally found a more self-righteous, know-it-all tyrant than California’s Gavin Newsom. Please pan the camera over to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her to take a bow – no not for the Kennedy Courage Award, which she’s just won – but as the worst governor since Newsom’s notorious gazillion-dollar COVID-busting double-standard dinner at French Laundry. Whitmer blows the doors off Newsom’s cluelessness and has more hubris than Andrew Cuomo. No wonder the Left has to prop her up with awards with all the heft of Whitmer’s teased hair.


The Federalist reports that more details are emerging about the Michigan governor’s multiple trips to open and free Florida while she keeps her subjects on lockdown in Michigan.

Where to start …

The report says Governor Lockdown traveled multiple times to Florida to visit her “elderly father” while at the same time admonishing her own subjects to stay home because, you know, it’s too dangerous out in the world for them without a vaccine or baby wipes.

While Whitmer released vaccine benchmarks and encouraged residents to get shots, she was not vaccinated upon traveling to Florida for four days. The jet she flew on, a Gulfstream G-280 twin, took her from Lansing, Michigan to West Palm Beach, Florida. Two weeks after getting back from her trip, Whitmer made a point to tell Michiganders to stay home.

And that G-280 didn’t fly itself. A billionaire’s largesse paid for that flight so no one would see her break her own rules and so she wouldn’t have to pay her own government’s ridiculously high “private plane fee,” according to The Federalist.

Spokesman Bobby Leddy said the governor traveled on three occasions to Florida to visit her elderly father. The governor’s office claimed taxpayer money was not used for travel. Deadline Detroit reports Whitmer avoided a private plane fee in the range of $10,000 to $20,000 by asking billionaires to provide a charter. The jet she took would have allegedly ran her a fee of $40,000, an estimated 25 percent of Whitmer’s salary before taxes.


Oh, we see.

The Federalist notes that on April 19 on “Meet the Press” Whitmer was “imploring” people not to go to Florida.

Michigan and Florida are not next to each other. But this is the time of the year that snowbirds come home from Florida, where people are going on spring break, and all of these things can contribute to spread. We’re imploring people to take this seriously, mask up, get tested. If you’ve been around someone who’s positive, stay home.

PJ Media colleague Rick Moran noted in his story about Whitmer’s top aide taking trips to Florida that Whitmer herself demanded the peasants not take trips there.

“Whitmer Warns Against Spring Break Travel to Florida,” wrote the Associated Press.

Whitmer’s lockdowns have been shot down after lawsuits but the governor persists in curbing as much freedom as possible for the proletariat.

Whitmer’s handlers say they won’t provide details of the governor’s trips in April because of security concerns.

Meanwhile, Caroline Kennedy thinks Whitmer is noble and “a hero” for going “above and beyond for their community and our country,” so Whitmer is being given a John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Award for “risking [her] own health and safety to protect others during the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to The Detroit News.


For stripping her constituents’ freedom, Gretchen Whitmer wins an award, even as she “borrows” a billionaire’s jet to get to Palm Beach to break her own rules.

Now, go fetch her some cake.



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