Chauvin Medical Defense Witness Is Now Being Investigated for Wrong-Think

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One defense witness already had the bloody head of a pig left on what intimidators thought was his front porch in punishment for testifying on behalf of Derek Chauvin. Now, state-sponsored intimidators are targeting another defense witness in the trial of the police officer accused of killing George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020. His offense? Wrong-think.


Dr. David Fowler, the former Maryland medical examiner and forensic pathologist, testified for defendant Derek Chauvin on day 13 of the trial that the former cop’s actions weren’t solely responsible for George Floyd’s death. And because of this opinion, Maryland will now investigate 17 years of his findings in state cases, which includes the case of Freddie Gray, Anton Black, and other high-profile perps who died in police custody. Fowler ruled Gray’s death several days after being in police custody a “homicide,” a medical term which means another contributed to his death. Police officers put on trial for his death were exonerated.

Specifically, Fowler testified that George Floyd died because he “had a sudden cardiac arrhythmia due to atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease, during his restraint by the police,” as trial watcher attorney Andrew Branca put it.

Evidence presented at trial and acknowledged by both sides showed that Floyd suffered from an enlarged heart, 90% and 75% occlusions in his arteries going into and out of his heart, years of drug abuse and anxiety, skyrocketing blood pressure, had ingested an opioid and meth cocktail, smoked for years, was right by the police cruiser exhaust, and struggled for ten minutes against three cops, which necessitated the knee hold on Floyd in the prone position.


Prosecutors put on witnesses that said none of that had anything to do with his death, blaming the entire incident on Chauvin’s hold. The jury believed it too, quickly delivering a guilty verdict on all charges.

And now, because Fowler was on the “wrong” side of the case, his reputation must die.

Washington, D.C.’s former chief medical examiner and a group of 431 doctors from around the country sent a letter to Maryland’s attorney general and governor claiming that Fowler’s testimony was outside the bounds of normal medical opinion and that his previous conclusions on Maryland cases should be re-considered.

CBS Minnesota reported part of the content of the complaint letter sent by the doctors:

“Dr. Fowler’s stated opinion that George Floyd’s death during active police restraint should be certified with an ‘undetermined’ manner is outside the standard practice and conventions for investigating and certification of in-custody deaths. This stated opinion raises significant concerns for his previous practice and management,” the letter said.

Specifically, they included Fowler’s observations about carbon monoxide affecting Floyd. The doctors said bringing it up was unethical. Prosecutors never turned over that information before the trial, dumping it on the defense as it did with thousands of pages of documents, at the last minute during the defense case, which seems a tad unethical.


But these doctors have the endgame in mind. They don’t just want the investigation, they want to make sure Dr. Fowler never works again.

“Investigation into the medical license of David Fowler, MB, ChB.Med.Path for possible ethical violations associated with death in custody diagnosis.”

Now that he’s retired, Fowler works with a consortium of medical examiners who act as outside experts for trials.

On Friday, Governor Larry Hogan and the Maryland state attorney general announced the investigation into Fowler’s work on the Chauvin trial.

Dr. Brian Peterson, who’s a member of the National Association of Medical Examiners along with Fowler, told The Washington Post that investigating the retired Maryland medical examiner is “unnecessary” because “We investigate ourselves. These cases get discussed, picked apart, analyzed and debated extensively within the office every time.”

Fowler told The Post that he didn’t work alone but that he stands behind their work.

It isn’t much of a surprise that 400-plus doctors came out of the ether to weigh in on the case they’ve personally never examined. Most, if not all, attorneys, medical experts, and support personnel for the case against Derek Chauvin came out of the ether to volunteer on the Chauvin trial. Many worked hundreds or thousands of hours for free.


The 12 private, white-shoe law firm members, were hired by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison from all over the country – including hyper-political law firms in Washington, D.C.

Ellison and another state official quarterbacked the case, meaning it was 14 “prosecutors” to one defense attorney for Chauvin.

If people are looking for something to investigate, interested parties might want to start at why professionals put aside reason to trumpet a media narrative against Chauvin and did it for free.

What happened to George Floyd was tragic.

The Chauvin case has been surrounded by threats, riots, looting, and intimidation by politicians and civil rights grifters in every way you could imagine. That should be investigated too.


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