How About This for a Real California School Re-Opening Plan?

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California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his big plan to re-open schools on Monday. The announcement came as signatures were nearing two million to recall him from office. The plan, which he said was a year in the making, but which the LA Times reports was only weeks in planning, is basically this: We’ll pay you extra billions to work the jobs we’re already paying you for!

The plan does not require teachers go back to the classroom.

Newsom has budgeted $4.6 billion to “entice” teachers back into many, but not all, classrooms. And he’s hoping for even more to spend. Newsom is counting on money from the $1.9 trillion “blue state bailout,” as the GOP calls it,

Naturally, teachers unions, responsible for forcing Zoom school on fidgety and checked-out students for more than a year now, will reap the payday, though their members haven’t missed a paycheck.

Imagine with me if you will a special “fund” over which union bosses would have total control to do something union-ey like “train” teachers in health and safety in the classroom, such as washing their hands and wearing a mask. Good members might even even get a spiff for being helpful to their comrades at the union hall.

At his news conference on Monday, Newsom enthused that more federal bailout money was forthcoming under the $1.9 laughably labeled “COVID” relief package in Congress. GOP leaders say 90% of the bill is for an evergreen wish list of Democrat desires, but only 10% is marginally for COVID.

Newsom’s payday to bail out California from his disastrous leadership should be quite handsome, with many zeros in front of a decimal point.

But instead of giving a payday to the very people who have wreaked havoc on our kids’ college chances and mental health, all while ignoring science on the issue of in-person learning, let’s change things up.

In addition to picketing in front of the district headquarters or circulating petitions against union bosses, parents should demand the governor use that money – and more – to allot each child enough money to go to private school. The $4.6 billion won’t go far enough, providing every one of California’s 6.1 million students only $746.00, but with 136,000 people leaving the state, largely due to Newsom and the Democrat super majorities’ high taxes and onerous regulations, we might be able to get that figure up a bit more. Add to that the Prop 98 money and the other money that Congressional Democrats seem willing to send to the spend thrift Newsom, and we might be able to help a lot of children.

Helping children. Remember when that was a core mission of schools instead doling out hall passes for Planned Parenthood?

Why, I’d bet that some current teachers would be willing to teach some kids.

I’ll bet there might even be a building or two not being used where people could start a private school when all the private spots are filled.

Republican John Cox, who’s running against Newsom in the next election, and who would be on the recall and replacement ballot if it qualifies, told PJ Media.

I am a big proponent of school choice and this money should absolutely go to the parents and kids forced to suffer from Newsom’s public school lockout.

Not every parent can afford to send their children to private in-person school like Governor Gavin Newsom and the Berkeley teachers union president, but this would be a start.

After all, California progressives are all about “equity” aren’t they? I can’t think of a more equitable program than giving everyone the same amount of money to get their kid back in school.

It’s certainly a more equitable plan than Newsom’s is now.


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