By the Media's Standards, Biden Is a Racist Xenophobe Who Wants to Be King

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Let’s play the game ‘What the Oval Office Changes Mean’ using the media rules.

I’ll start.  Joe Biden is a racist who wants to beat up illegal aliens and hates the military.


Well, if the Oval Office were still occupied by President Trump the media would say similar things  – and have.

Determining what a president’s Oval Office decor means is always one of the more interesting parlor games played by the media, be they adoring fans or avowed antagonists.

Biden moved into the White House on Wednesday, January 20, and by the time his inauguration was over, the decor of the Oval Office had been re-staged.

President Trump had restored the Winston Churchill bust to the Oval after it was unceremoniously chucked by his predecessor, President Obama. Biden removed it again.

What is it with Democrats and Churchill, anyway? The guy literally moved into the White House to help win World War II after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Over the years, Churchill stayed with Franklin Roosevelt for over three months. It looks like Roosevelt will be the only Democrat to ever welcome the British Prime Minister into the Oval Office again.

The portrait of President Andrew Jackson is gone, too. President Trump displayed a White House portrait of  Jackson, a man of independent spirit and a populist like him. But The Washington Post, reporting on the new Biden Oval Office, said Jackson did racist things so … Trump must be a racist.

But for many, the decision reinforced allegations of racism emanating from the White House. Jackson kept enslaved people and signed the Indian Removal Act, which led to thousands of Native American deaths as tens of thousands were forced to move to make room for White settlers.

The act helped lead to the “Trail of Tears,” in which an estimated 4,000 Cherokees died during the harsh conditions of a long march during the forced relocation in 1838 and 1839. The Cherokees called Jackson “Indian killer”; the Creek called him “Sharp Knife.”


Biden will use the Resolute Desk, one of six desks used by U.S. presidents over the country’s history. While British PM Winston Churchill is out, Biden is just fine with using the desk gifted to the president by Her Majesty Victoria, the Queen of England. It’s from the salvaged timbers of the HMS Resolute.

This must mean Biden wants to be an autocratic King. See: Paul Krugman.

On the console behind the Resolute Desk is a bust of Cesar Chavez. Besides being an American labor union organizer, Chavez was a Navy vet. Chavez and his gang of union thugs would travel to the U.S.-Mexico border and beat up illegal aliens coming over the border. Based on The Post’s guilt-by-art-association, Biden must be a racist against Mexican and other illegal aliens as well.

In reality, Biden wants to halt building the wall at the border of the two countries and to let in all illegal aliens, which, as Cesar Chavez knew, would bring down wages for American workers by forcing them to compete with people used to receiving only a few pesos per day.

Biden asks American taxpayers to subsidize illegal aliens. At least Trump never suggested beating them up.

Gone is the large oval rug commissioned by President Reagan that Trump featured in his office. It was replaced by a dark blue one use by President Clinton. No word if Biden’s staff got out the black light to make sure it was cleaner than that blue dress.


While the new president retains the Stars and Stripes and the presidential flag, Biden removed the U.S. service flags from the Oval Office, displayed by President Trump. Trump had added one new service flag, representing the Space Force, to flags of the Army, Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force. Now they’re all gone.

This must mean that Biden hates the military.

Biden has kept the Trump drapes (which were first used by President Clinton). He has put up portraits of Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first Treasury Secretary, who, up till five minutes ago, was going to be ripped from the $10 bill – until the rap-inspired Broadway show came along and Hamilton was OK again.

Make of this what you will, but Hamilton had engaged in the slave trade. Playing the media game, that makes Biden a supporter of the slave trade. Which, come to think of it, mirrors his desire to want to let in non-citizens to work for cheap wages … or else.

The Post is told by the Biden camp that the Hamilton portrait is put in proximity to the brilliant but morally dubious Thomas Jefferson. We already knew Biden was morally questionable when he was elected, just ask his female Secret Service agents during his vice presidency and his hair-smelling victims. Or Tara Reade

Some are paired, with paintings of former president Thomas Jefferson and former treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton hung near each other — the two men frequently disagreed and were placed together to illustrate the benefits that come from differing views. Biden’s office said the paintings were twinned as “hallmarks of how differences of opinion, expressed within the guardrails of the Republic, are essential to democracy.”

[…]Busts of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy flank a fireplace in the office. Biden often refers to the impact both men made on the country as part of the civil rights movement.

[…] The office also includes busts of Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt and a sculpture depicting a horse and rider by Allan Houser of the Chiricahua Apache tribe that once belonged to the late Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) — the first Japanese American elected to both houses of Congress.


And Biden believes in science, unlike non-Democrats, because he put up a portrait of one of the white founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, he of the lightning in a jar fame.

[…] A painting of Benjamin Franklin is intended to represent Biden’s interest in following science. The painting is stationed near a moon rock set on a bookshelf that is intended to remind Americans of the ambition and accomplishments of earlier generations.

This must mean that Biden is telling America to go fly a kite.

A bust of Rosa Parks is also in the Oval. She has taken a back seat in position to Cesar Chavez.

Biden also removed a red button from the Resolute Desk, which President Trump would depress to order a Diet Coke.

This must mean that Biden doesn’t like Americana.

Gee, that was fun.

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