NYT Nobel Laureate Gets a History Lesson After Wondering Why 'God Save the King' Was Played at the Inauguration

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New York Times columnist Paul Krugman watched the Biden inauguration on Wednesday with a tear in his eye. For the first time, he was actually proud of his country. Hold on, that was Michelle Obama. No, for the first time in four years, the Nobel Laureate (just ask him) was hopeful that his country, America, just “may make it” because the Left was re-occupying the White House.


Surprised myself. Watching the Biden’s and Harris/Emhoff entering the Capitol, I teared up. America may make it.

Krugman offered his sage observations about the inauguration on Twitter on Wednesday. He sent tweets about Janet Yellen, who is Biden’s choice for treasury secretary.

He commented about newly crowned President Joe Biden delivering his speech about bringing diversity and justice to America because, apparently, there has been none in the Trump era or something. And, dammit, it was delivered in a pitch-perfect way, according to the Nobel Prize winner in economics, who predicted the economy would fall apart under Trump when it in fact soared.

That was like a vision of America as it should be — decent, truthful, committed to justice, unified in diversity. Eloquence at every point. Reality will set in, as it must. But wow.

His favorite neighborhood was cheering.


After praising the new American king taking his throne as a return to Democrat normalcy, where peace, justice, diversity, and Janet Yellen would reign, the worldly Nobel Laureate, detected a sour note to the proceedings.

It was a hilarious tell about how the Nobel Laureate (just ask him), the sage of the New York Times’s op-ed section, who just claimed to be about truth, justice, and the American way has a ways to go to establish his patriot bona fides.

By way of background, I remember my daughter’s aha moment while watching a program set in England. She heard a throng of British subjects singing a familiar tune. She immediately realized its historical significance in the American Revolution. We talked about what a thumb-in-the-eye it must have been to the blue-coated British soldiers to hear their song spat back at them with new, all-American words.

My country ’tis of thee

Sweet land of liberty

Of thee I sing

Land where my fathers died

Land of the Pilgrim’s pride

From every mountainside

Let freedom ring!

And like that all-American man he is, Krugman wondered why on earth the band struck up “God Save the King” at the inaugural.

Band playing God Save the King? Not exactly appropriate.


Not appropriate for his new king? Odd.

Americans immediately schooled the Nobel Laureate about the tune

Surely, he’d read about the tune in his paper or sung it himself in school …?

Oh, and this just in, it has been “God Save the Queen” for nearly 70 years. Keep up, Paul.

Paul suddenly realized that he’d made a faux pas. He spends so much time in Europe and on the island nation of Britain – Over There – that naturally he was confused at the inaugural song for Joe Biden.

We all make that mistake, don’t we?


This American living in Britain says she always thinks of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” whenever she hears the tune, so what’s wrong with you, Paul?

This man was not surprised that Krugman doesn’t know American patriotic songs.

“Go back.”

This woman took the opportunity to school the Nobel Laureate on more tunes he might be confused about.

For the record, that tune was written by Mozart, Paul. Perhaps you heard it while on the Continent Over There.

This man appreciated Krugman’s inaugural pivot and devoted himself to trying the same trick.

If you ever wonder if the American media elites are on our side, here’s part of your answer.



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