Oregon Governor Finally Gets Tough on Protesters ... Conservative Protesters

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Nothing says hypocrite like the governor of Oregon sounding the alarm about conservative protesters on the streets of her state’s largest city after letting leftists run amok for months.


Gov. Kate Brown (D) is not concerned about the resumed nightly riots by antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter militants in Portland, which have terrorized Portlanders. The governor approves of their declared message of anti-fascism, though the rioters act like violent fascists. Because, based on results, they are.

Brown has ordered state troopers to go to Portland in advance of a so-called anti-domestic terrorism rally scheduled on Saturday by the Proud Boys group. Brown called in state troopers as reinforcements and changed the rules of engagement for the right-wing protesters, by clearing the way for officers to use CS gas for crowd control if things get out of hand. Portland police were notoriously ordered not to use CS gas against the violent rioters of antifa and BLM.

Black Lies Matter? Yet Another Police Shooting the Group Has Championed Isn’t as Advertised

The Proud Boys group, which cross-pollinates with a local group called “Patriot Prayer,” has called for the protest on Saturday at Delta Park, which is on the border of Oregon and Washington.


In reply, antifa and Black Lives Matter mob members have promised to violently quell the more conservative groups’ right to gather because…fascism.

Portland and Oregon officials consistently get into a state of high dudgeon about conservative rallies because, though members appear to be far more ethnically diverse than antifa, they consider the members – some of whom are Asian, Hispanic and black – to be white supremacists.

Man Suspected of Gunning Down Trump Supporter in Portland Is Killed When Marshals Try to Arrest Him

Last month, an antifa “security guard” committed what looked to be a political assassination of a Patriot Prayer member, a minority, who was leaving the scene of a huge Trump car caravan through Portland. The killer, who was white and was seen on video lying in wait to commit the hit, was subsequently shot by federal officers who tracked him to Lacey, Washington.

And without irony, Governor Brown issued this statement about the “Proud Boys”:


“The First Amendment does not give anyone license to hurt or kill someone because of opposing political views,” Brown said. “And when free expression is fueled by hate and coupled with an intent to incite violence, then I need to do everything I can as governor to ensure the safety of Oregonians.”

Brown has never uttered similar warnings about the nightly rioters of antifa and Black Lives Matter. Indeed, there are never warnings issued to antifa and BLM to let the right-wing groups peacefully rally because they have a First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and speak.

The closest she came was after the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, telling Fox 12 News in Portland that it’s all President Trump’s fault that antifa isn’t peaceful.

“Whether it’s supporting our law enforcement or issuing a clarion call to ending racism, I ask that everyone do so, and do it peacefully,” Brown said.

Brown said she did not have a problem with people who want to share their support for a separate protest for law enforcement.

“I think the challenge that we are facing in this country is that our president, President Trump, is sowing the seeds of hatred and division,” Brown said. “And we are seeing these seeds bear fruit in communities around the entire country … it has to end.”

In fact, besides Trump, Brown blamed Danielson and the far-right group for the murder by the leftist antifa member.


The conservative group has often held “free speech” rallies and other gatherings in what looks at least partly like a troll to see if they’ll be able to pull it off without antifa and BLM thugs starting violence. Indeed, unless antifa picks fights, no violence occurs at these gatherings. During one permitted rally in particular, Portland police kept antifa separated from the Proud Boys/Patriot Prayer group and there was no violence.

Brown is staffing up for Saturday’s rally, and if any right-wing protesters get hurt, she won’t sweat it because she thinks they deserve it.

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