Black Lies Matter? Yet Another Police Shooting the Group Has Championed Isn't as Advertised

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Let’s go through a quick checklist. If you didn’t know these things about some of the most notorious cases involving the shootings of black men, you can be forgiven if you only took your cues from the mainstream media or Black Lives Matter.


If you depend on Black Lives Matter to tell you the truth about the biggest cases and causes they champion, you might be a chump of the first order, uninformed, or both. It’s very difficult to fundraise or raise hell when your subject isn’t a sympathetic victim. It’s tough to enrage your rioters, for example, when they know that Breonna Taylor was moving money for her ex-the-drug-dealer, the one the cops were looking for on the night she was killed.

Documents leaked to WAVE 3 News purport to show Taylor visited him in jail, moved money, kept as much as $15,000 for her ex, and visited his drug house. The dealer used her address as his own and it’s why police were looking for him there the night of the shooting.


This is not to say that some police interactions with suspected perpetrators are pristine. We all know they’re not. Take the case of Philando Castile in Minnesota, for example. His was the police shooting caught on live stream video by his girlfriend. Castile, a good guy, was also a concealed carry handgun carrier. As Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter told me at the time, it would have been best if Castile had asked the cop how he would like to proceed instead of reaching in his pocket for his driver’s license. As it happened, Castile told the Hispanic cop that he was reaching for his license from his pocket but the cop told him not to reach for anything. Castile did anyway. The cop shot him, frightened he was reaching for the gun. The cop was fired and prosecuted and acquitted of murder.

Eric Garner was taken down by New York cops at the behest of the local tax revenuers who didn’t like him selling tax-free loose cigarettes. He died when police used a hold on the large, physically imposing man with pre-existing serious health problems. He’s the man who said, “I can’t breathe.”

The argument is not whether these people deserved to die. They didn’t. But it also doesn’t mean the cops or others involved should be prosecuted and go to jail. It also means Black Lives Matter activists and their allies in antifa shouldn’t foment mob violence based on phony information based on the fraudulent assumption that these cases are always the cops’ fault.


No one’s business should be torched, nor should elderly people get terrorized as they eat a peaceful meal, nor should any church get wrecked because BLM organizers, whose objective is to create chaos, create that chaos irrespective of any facts.

That means it’s up to you to learn the facts so you don’t jump ugly based on lies. If all the facts aren’t out there, then hold your fire. Wait to be outraged by provable outrages, not because the fundraisers at Black Lives Matter say so. There are only so many times you should be a chump.

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