We Now Know the Real Reason Why That Bitter Hag Destroyed a Hawaiian Beach Wedding

(KITV screenshot)

We now know her name and the real reason why this bitter woman destroyed the wedding vow renewal celebration of a couple and their children in Oahu, Hawaii.

In the video, the woman, now identified as Mokihana Iida, passes a few surfers on the sand while muttering to herself about how she just got word about a wedding near the beach and she is having none of it. She is there to enforce COVID regulations because she’s just deputized herself as the coronavirus cop or something.

(KITV screenshot)

She tears off down Waimanalo beach in Oahu but Iida can’t see the ceremony because the family, photographer, and officiant are not on the sand. The Hawaiian wedding crasher must go out of her way to find them.

‘They Hiding, Cops Coming!’

“They hiding, they hiding. Cops coming, everything, cops coming, everybody coming. Help coming,” she announces with a sing-song voice, sounding positively giddy about breaking up the ceremony.

She continues marching toward the wedding, no small feat because she’s walking in the soft sand with the wind blowing into her and her microphone.

“I’m trying not to be rude, but I’m sick of this sh—.”

Well, we’d hate to see this Hawaiian macadamia nutter when she’s trying to be rude.

Approaching the area where she sees a white dress in the thicket, she seizes on the small group and begins cursing in front of the children. She accuses the officiant of lying, declaring that they’re staying in a vacation home illegally and threatens all with arrest.

Here’s the video she so proudly put on the internet.

It turns out that the only thing the Hawaiian wedding crasher got right was that the couple’s 20th-anniversary vow-renewal party was 30 feet off the beachfront property and on public property.

Hawaiian Ceremony ‘Completely Trashed’

KITV4 News reports that under the mayor’s new rules, “you can traverse beaches to get to the water, but cannot congregate or stand.” Iida didn’t explain why she ignored the surfers standing on the sand and made a beeline for the ceremony instead.

The officiant says he was wrong to be 30 feet off the property line. He says they should have been wearing masks. Outside. On the beach. Where it’s windy. When there are only three strangers – the officiant and the photographer and the bitter wedding crasher – amid a small family group.

But, the officiant, known as Captain Howie, says she could have waited to bag on everyone until after the ceremony.

It was completely trashed. I feel so bad for the couple. I have no animosity, but [it] just shows their ugliness and hatred.

Why Did the Hawaiian Macadamia Nutter Bust Up the Ceremony?

Well, we now know why Iida ruined the vow-renewal ceremony.

KITV4 News reports Iida was upset because the nice family didn’t get a warning from the cops like she did.

“Why should they be able to have a whole wedding on the beach, when I can’t even go boogie boarding or be on the shoreline without getting a warning,” she says.

Oh. Now we get it. She went boogie boarding and got a warning – not a citation – and then the next thing to happen to her was … she still boogie boarded. Do you know what that makes her? A bitter hag.


But she was so upset about the warning that she thought she’d ruin someone’s happy day. My four-year-old used to do stuff like that. Do you know how long that lasted? One time.

Hawaii’s ‘Non Regulated’ Tourist Rules

The New York Post reports that the woman thought the family was flouting new anti-tourist laws in Oahu, accusing them of lying and vowing to get them – kids included – arrested.

Certain types of short-term rentals, including renting out an entire home to tourists for a short stay, became illegal on the island of Oahu on Aug. 1 as the island seeks to curb unregulated tourism.

Beach wedding permits on the island of Oahu are invalid until Sept. 4, according to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. Surfing and swimming are allowed, but a social gathering on the beach is not.

But the Hawaiian sea hag was wrong, according to KITV4.

The homeowner told KITV4 the couple, who live on Oahu, are friends of hers, and that they were renewing their vows for their 20th wedding anniversary. They wanted to go to Kaua’i, but the interisland ban changed their plans. So she says she offered her backyard up to them use to for the afternoon to celebrate their big day.

The man officiating the ceremony is known as Captain Howie. He lives on the same street and says he’s officiated thousands of weddings.

Hawaii’s new anti-short-term rental laws call for stiff penalties.

The new ordinance outlines strong penalties for running illegal short-term rentals. Fines start at $1,000 for an initial violation and escalate to $5,000 a day for ongoing noncompliance, and up to $10,000 per day. The law also allows the city to confiscate rental earnings.


The scornful and bitter woman wanted this Hawaii-based family to get the book thrown at them.

As promised, she called the police, who came later. No one was cited.

Iida says she doesn’t care what people around the world call her.

I’m pretty sure no one gives a flying flipping frittata what this hag cares about anymore.


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