[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Portland Rioters Threaten Man They Kicked In the Head – 'Do Not Protest Against Black Lives'

Image from Twitter video.

Portland’s Professional Protesters™ were out in force on Saturday night in a planned protest-turned-riot to “honor” George Floyd who died while in police custody last week in Minneapolis. In other words, it was a familiar scene in this Pacific Northwest City, where laid back Friday-at-4-drum circles have long since given way to antifa violence.

Saturday evening, Black Lives Matter and antifa collaborated in a destructive rampage of looting and fire bombing of the city. Their “protest,” turned into a roving beat-fest of “righteous indignation” in response to the depravity of police brutality. That’s their story, anyway.

Of course torching businesses owned by minority business owners to avenge for police violence, as happened in Minneapolis, Seattle, LA and Atlanta and other cities, makes no sense. So stipulated. We don’t make the rules here. We report, you decide.

Portland’s Street Violence Shocks the Conscience

But this scene from Portland’s streets by controversial street photographer Brandon Farley is indisputably one of the most horrific sights and sounds seen so far during these planned riots.

We come into the video after the victim of this horrific attack, who admitted taking a swing at a Black Lives Matter or antifa protester, was beaten in retaliation by protesters.

Image from Twitter video.

He was chased, knocked over and kicked in the head. He had at least one tooth kicked out of his head. The sound of the shoe hitting his skull is sickening.

Image from Twitter video

As one woman said off camera, “You knocked his motherf*cking ass down.”

The woman continued as she approached the victim and called him a “faggot.”

Black Lives Matter, you faggot. You’re lucky we’re helping you. We’re helping you, alright? We’re showing up for you. Do Not Protest Against Black Lives. Guess what? We’re showing up for you even though you’re being terrible to people.

She and two other black women mopped up the man’s bloody face while bystanders yelled, “You shouldn’t be running your mouth off like that!” and “Running your mouth get you f**ked up, man!”

The man, clearly dazed and who needed to go to a hospital emergency room, said “Thank you” in true Stockholm Syndrome fashion as the rioters and their wingmen moved on to continue their violence.

Sunday, President Trump declared antifa a domestic terrorist group. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has, at least on paper, designated them as such since 2016.

Watch the incident here, but only if you have a strong stomach.


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