Updated: Fake News Prompts Governor to Close ALL California Beaches. Let the Rebellion Begin

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Update below.

I have a question for the photographer who took this photo at Newport Beach last weekend and all the media members who hyped it.


Are you happy now?

As I reported only days ago, the photo, taken with what was claimed to be a 300mm lens, but could have been 400mm telephoto lens, made the beaches at Newport Beach appear to be far more crowded than they really were last weekend. Upon the basis of that photo and the air-headed reaction to it, Governor Gavin Newsom has sent a memo to counties and law enforcement to begin closing all California beaches and parks starting Friday.

A memo sent to law enforcement and leaked to Fox News said,

After well publicized media coverage of overcrowded beaches this past weekend, in violation of Governor Newsom’s Shelter in Place Order, the governor will be announcing tomorrow [Friday] that ALL beaches and state parks will be closed, effective May 1.

Orange County, which has led the state in re-opening on the basis of SCIENCE – the huge drop in the number of coronavirus cases – reacted to Newsom’s orders with a “huh?” from County Supervisor Don Wagner. Wagner told Fox News LA,

I believe Governor Newsom has the power to close Orange County beaches. However it is not wise to do so.

Medical professionals tell us the importance of fresh air and sunlight in fighting infectious diseases, including mental health benefits.

I fear that this overreaction from the state will undermine that cooperative attitude and this our collective efforts to fight the disease, based on the best available medical information.


Newsom admitted that California is achieving its stated goal of “flattening the curve” so hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed by coronavirus victims. But the hospitals aren’t even “whelmed,” they’re underwhelmed and on the way to failure to thrive.

Hospitals in the state are losing hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars because they’ve been shut down to concentrate all efforts on the coronavirus.

And California is a huge landmass. Is Newsom seriously suggesting that the beaches of Big Sur need to close? If all the beaches are open he’ll achieve the social distancing he says he wants.

But now the state’s beaches and parks are being closed, according to the memo, because of the images from Newport Beach over the weekend. There were some people close together and no one has any idea if they were family groups. Not even the governor.

Newsom basically fell for fake news.

Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende asked where have we seen this before:

Even the scenes from Orange County beaches are dependent on angle and lens type. We went through this a few weeks ago with JAX.


As I reported here, that’s exactly right. The same thing happened in Jacksonville, Fla., a couple of weeks ago. Telephoto lenses compacted the scene making it look as if people were teaming at the beaches mere inches apart. Governor De Santis didn’t fall for it.

Lefty statistician Nate Silver said closing the beaches is a mistake. You don’t say?

Given what we seem to be learning about outdoor transmission, this seems like a way to possibly erode public support for lockdown measures while not necessarily getting a huge amount of mileage in terms of public health.

A congressional candidate weighed in, calling Newsom a “dictator.”

Our awful Governor, Gavin Newsom, is forcing a shutdown of all beaches in the state of California.

A beach is outdoors and you can easily practice social distancing while on them.
This is just another power grab.

Newsom is loving his chance to play dictator.
Enough is enough.


Patrick Ruffini noted that California’s efforts have paid off and it’s time to let up on the people as Florida has done.

As I reported, last weekend in the laid back community of Encinitas, Calif., this was the scene as protesters put a toe on the sand.

Get used to seeing the-guy-next-door arrested. While California releases prisoners from prisons and jails using the coronavirus as an excuse to let out sexual predators, there will be plenty of people to fill their spots—those arrested on the beaches of California. After Gavin Newsom closes the beaches and parks, the Great California Rebellion of 2020, already heating up, will undoubtedly boil over.

Update: Newsom announced Thursday afternoon that he would close only Orange County beaches, confirming that he fell for the fake news and ignored the precipitous drop in coronavirus cases there. Orange County Supervisors announced this week that businesses would be able to re-open on a limited basis due to “flattening the curve” of cases.


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