Watch What Happens When BLM Protesters Bang on L.A. DA's Front Door at 5:30 a.m.—and a Gun Answers

Kayla Pain of Washington, raises her Black Lives Matter sign during a protest about police brutality in front of the White House, Friday, July 8, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/Paul Holston)

Jackie Lacey is the Los Angeles County District Attorney and is up for re-election tomorrow, Super Tuesday.

Monday morning at about 5:30 a.m., a group from Black Lives Matter gathered on her front porch, banging a drum, and demanding an audience with her to discuss her refusal to prosecute police officers for shootings in the line of duty.


What they got in reply was an angry man, Lacey’s husband, who pointed a semiautomatic pistol at the people who had trespassed on his porch. He told them he’d called the cops and ordered them to leave.

Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter posted the video of the confrontation:

Black Lives Matter, it may not surprise you to learn, is endorsing one of Lacey’s opponents, George Gascón, who ruined San Francisco as district attorney and wants to do the same with LA.

Though Gascón has never been a prosecutor, he’s all-in on no-money-bail-justice-reform and is responsible for authoring California’s Proposition 47, which allows prisoners out of early, reduces violent crimes to misdemeanors, and is believed to be a big contributor to California’s wave of homelessness.

Both the DA and BLM activists held news conferences on Monday morning. Both sides claimed victimhood, but Lacey says she’s been chased, followed, photographed and harassed by Black Lives Matter activists. Lacey, who’s black, told reporters that she’s been called “racist” by the protesters. See her remarks below.


BLM members straightfacedly told reporters that they were shocked by the response because they could have been “trick or treaters” or “Jehovah’s Witnesses” at the door—at 5:30 am.

Abdullah said Lacey hasn’t wanted to meet with “the community” so, “on the eve of her candidacy for re-election, we set up chairs on the public sidewalk in front of her home. We decided to have a public meeting and invite her to it. I thought, naively perhaps, that I could go to her door and ring her doorbell and invite her out. Now we thought maybe she would answer the door. We heard someone come to the door.”

We heard what sounded like a gun being cocked. And we thought we were being paranoid when we turned to one of my friends who was standing with me on the front porch and said, ‘that doesn’t sound good.’ And the door was opened and we were met with guns in our faces.”

Lacey told reporters later that her husband confronted the protesters at the front door with his gun. She turned the matter over to another law enforcement agency to deal with the very real possibility that her husband would face charges.

How profoundly ironic. We’re betting Black Lives Matter will have no trouble seeing Jackie Lacey’s husband put behind bars.


Watch Lacey’s news conference below.

Lacey discusses husband's confrontation with activist

L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey spoke Monday hours after her husband drew a gun and threatened to shoot a Black Lives Matter activist on the couple’s porch in Granada Hills.Before apologizing, Lacey said protesters have made her life difficult: "You can vote, that’s one way to speak your mind. But to publicly humiliate people, to say to them, ‘I hate you,' that you’re a racist. What progress will we make in this world if that’s how we talk to one another?”

Posted by KTLA 5 News on Monday, March 2, 2020


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