Pelosi Just Told Trump Exactly What She Thinks of America After His State of the Union Address


Right after President Trump gave one of the most muscular and successful accounts of a presidency – ever – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took that well-written speech and ripped it up.


The president did not shake the hand of the woman who oversaw his impeachment. She repaid the slight and ripped up his speech in front of a national audience.

Pelosi sat on her hands for the accounting of the lowest unemployment rates ever, giving applause to a Tuskegee airman, and applauding the good health of a two-year-old who would have been given up for dead under late-term abortion laws. Afterward, she doubled down, telling reporters “It was the courteous thing to do.”

Nancy, you may think that you gave Trump your comeuppance, but you just ripped up your party’s chance to look reasonable to the American people who applauded the speech.

The Michigan governor said “watch what they do” in the Democratic reply to the president.

Ripping up a speech filled with accomplishments for “blue-collar workers,” people of color, and America was the wrong move.


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