Trump Just Said It: Wait Till There's a Democrat in White House

President Trump reacts to impeachment vote in House (via YouTube screenshot)

President Trump said exactly what you’ve been thinking about what he called his “sham” impeachment.

Trump told reporters arrayed to cover a photo op with Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez that the impeachment just passed out by the Judiciary Committee is a “… sham, it’s a hoax.  Nothing was done wrong. Zero was done wrong.”


And then he said that Republicans won’t forget what the Democrats have done:

It’s a very bad thing for our country and you’re trivializing impeachment. And I tell you what, someday there will be a Democrat president and there will be a Republican house and I suspect they’re going to remember it.

Trump said the Democrats have used impeachment “for absolutely nothing other than to try to get political gain” and that his fundraising is “going through the roof because the people are disgusted. The people are absolutely disgusted.”

He said, “This has been a wild week.”

Actually, according to The Impeachment Guide  this is actually the fourth time House Democrats have voted on impeaching President Trump.

The House of Representatives has already voted on impeachment three times, rejecting impeachment each time. In December 2017 the House voted 58 to 364 and in January 2018 … and in  July 2019, the House voted 95 to 332 against impeachment …


And, of course, The Washington Post helpfully headlined minutes after Trump was sworn in that “The Campaign to Impeach the President Has Begun.”

Watch his full comments:




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