THIS Is How You Handle the Race-Hustlers

TikTok screenshot of Kory Yeshua and his daughter warning against critical race theory.

A black father and his adorable young daughter explained the true threat that Marxist critical race theory poses to the American dream. Even better, he managed to deliver this critical message in an entertaining and inspiring manner.


“Daddy teaches you [that] you can be anything in this world that you want to be. Right, [doesn’t] daddy teach you that?” Kory Yeshua asks his young daughter in a video first posted on his TikTok channel.

“Yeah, and it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or any color,” the adorable little girl responds with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, yellow, right?” Yeshua asks. “And how we treat people is based on how they are and not what color they are.”

“And if they’re nice and smart,” the little girl adds.

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“See? This is how children think, right here. Critical race theory wants to end that. Not with my children, it’s not gonna happen,” Yeshua declares. “My baby’s gonna know that no matter what she wants to be in life, all she has to do is work hard and she can become that.”

“Work hard, even though you don’t know anyone. You can make friends,” his daughter responds.

“Yeah, you can make friends, no matter what color they are. So we need to stop CRT, period. Point blank. Children do not see skin color, man. They love everybody,” Yeshua says. “If they’re good people, they love them.”


“We pray for people that are hurt,” his little girl adds.

Yeshua posted the video on TikTok last month and the uplifting clip has garnered more than 20,000 views on the platform. Yeshua’s channel, which boasts over 270,000 followers, features hundreds of videos of the man promoting conservative values and criticizing leftist movements like Black Lives Matter.

On Tuesday, conservative filmmaker Robby Starbuck shared the video on Twitter with the message, “One of the best videos opposing Critical Race Theory that you’ll ever see.” The video racked up more than 1 million views on Twitter.

Marxist thinkers invented critical race theory (CRT) in order to upend society by claiming that hidden racism pervades American institutions. CRT teaches people to seize on any racial disparity as ipso facto proof of racial discrimination, despite the clear prohibitions on racial discrimination in federal law. Advocates claim that the American status quo is racist — if not “white supremacist” — so extreme measures to reverse historic injustices are the only “anti-racist” option.


Critical race theory teaches Americans to focus on skin color, reversing the ethic of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. It often involves demonizing “whiteness,” which some activists have defined as including everything from a good work ethic to capitalism to Christianity.

Of course, critical race theory isn’t just a threat to white people. The Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY) condemned CRT as a “hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud,” noting that CRT implies that Asians are “over-represented.”

This nefarious ideology even harms the very people its proponents intend to help, as Kory Yeshua explains. CRT teaches black people that they face systemic barriers. Any struggles they may face can be attributed to racism or “white supremacy,” blinding them to opportunities for growth and making them unjustly angry at a nonexistent “oppressor.”

Marxist critical race theory also inspired much of the destruction of the Black Lives Matter and antifa riots over the summer. While protesters rightly expressed outrage at the treatment of George Floyd, many of the protests devolved into looting, vandalism, and arson in which lawless thugs — acting in the name of fighting racism — destroyed black livesblack livelihoods, and black monuments.


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Kory Yeshua was right to warn against this dangerous ideology, and the upbeat way he did it should open Americans’ eyes to the fact that CRT robs people of the American dream. CRT is making terrifying inroads in education, corporate America, and government. Americans cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.


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