WATCH: Black Man Escorts Police Into CHAZ, Outrage Ensues

Twitter video screenshot. @Julio_Rosas11.

On Thursday, one of the black upstanding citizens of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), the rebellious antifa rogue state in the middle of Seattle, escorted police officers to the Seattle Police East Precinct. Townhall’s Julio Rosas captured the video.


“Please watch out! I’m only a peacekeeper, taking them to their office, that’s it,” the man says as he escorts police to the police station, which CHAZ took over and labeled “the property of the Seattle people.”

Other CHAZ citizens confronted the black man, who insisted, “We’re not worried about police. We have these streets already.”

“You see I’m black, bro. I’m not worried about police,” the man who escorted police insisted.

As other voices expressed discontent, the man repeated, “I’m black! I’m black! I’M BLACK!”

“As many police go in there, who gives a f**k. We’re here to change things. So when we talk to them and get our sh*t together, that’s when the f**k we’re gonna get sh*t done,” he insisted.

Over at the precinct office, a police officer explained that the antifa CHAZ occupation of the police station is causing serious harm to the residents of Seattle.

“Our 9-1-1 response time is triple what it was,” the officer says. “We have people being assaulted, we have people who need an emergency response, and it’s taking us fifteen-plus minutes to get there.”

CHAZ residents continued to yell, and for good reason. After all, the basic idea of CHAZ is to create a rogue state without police. Yet this man would bring police onto the hallowed ground of CHAZ, even allowing them access to the “people’s” police precinct!


Yet this black police escort made an excellent point. True reform comes from working within the system, not from committing violence against property and against the Constitution by staging a rebellion from the United States.

‘It is Illegal and Unconstitutional’ to Put Down a Rebellion, Dems Say. Tell That to Abraham Lincoln

This scuffle between the black man who would escort police into CHAZ and the hecklers who can’t stand for it captures the irony of this experiment in antifa’s seizure of power. Every society needs some form of police, some way of keeping law and order. CHAZ has appointed a warlord to do just that, and he has reportedly only allowed entry to people with identification. The militants have reportedly set up a mafia-style shakedown, forcing businesses to hand over their goods or else.

Meanwhile, the police, under the purview of Mayor Jenny Durkan, has allowed antifa to maintain the CHAZ rebellion against the United States. President Donald Trump has rightly called on Durkan and Gov. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) to quash this rebellion, but these Democrats have insisted that because the rebellion is “peaceful,” it would be “illegal” for Trump to do what Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War. Because rebellion, like looting, arson, and manslaughter, apparently becomes acceptable when done in the name of leftist causes or something.

Yet while CHAZ declares itself outside the U.S. — its entry point has a sign reading “You are now leaving the USA” — its “citizens” also want to see a resolution to what they see as America’s structural racism. Durkan and Inslee insist that these rebels are protesters, and while that is actually false, the rebels claim their insurrection is all about protest. Trump would be right to put down this rebellion, but I suspect that as soon as the tanks arrive, the rebels would scatter and admit they still identify as Americans.


For this reason, the black man who escorted police into CHAZ is quite significant. He is willing to work with the police if it means making progress for his political aims. He is, to some degree, a protester — even as he identifies as a rebellious citizen of CHAZ.

Ultimately, CHAZ is doomed. Either Trump will come in with troops or Durkan and Inslee will finally realize they have to fulfill their oaths to protect the citizens they supposedly represent (there are approximately 500 American homes inside the “sovereign” territory of CHAZ). Or — and this would be truly hilarious — the federal government will recognize CHAZ as a sovereign country, levy tariffs on its goods, refuse to send “foreign aid,” force CHAZ citizens to present CHAZ passports when entering the U.S., and otherwise isolate and destroy CHAZ by meeting this “foreign country’s” demands.

Some citizens of CHAZ — like this brave police escort — may sense that their project is doomed and might be willing to work with the evil police to secure some reforms for their trouble. This is pretty much the only wise course CHAZ has. If the rebels truly are protesters, they should drop the pretense, surrender the land back to the City of Seattle, and beg for clemency.

Of course, rebellion actually is a serious matter, and the seizure of the police station is dangerous to the citizens of Seattle. Durkan and Inslee need to take the situation seriously and put down the rebellion, or Trump will do it for them.


Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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