Castro Wants 'Structural Change' to Keep Conservative Ideas Out of Schools

Former San Antonio Mayor and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro announces his decision to seek the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

During the CNN climate town hall on Wednesday, 2020 presidential candidate and former HUD Secretary Julián Castro called for “structural change” to make sure that schools don’t get hijacked into teaching anything besides the liberal agenda, especially on climate issues.


When asked, “Should climate change be taught in schools?” Castro replied, “Yes, I believe that it should.”

The 2020 Democrat went much further, however. “This doesn’t just apply to curriculum about the environment,” he said. “We need to do things like end this system of people that get elected … and then they sit on a statewide board that determines what is in curriculum.”

What’s the problem with having elected leaders determine a curriculum? Those pesky Republicans can prevent schools from using propaganda to pop out good little Democrats.

“And too oftentimes, right-wing conservatives have taken over these boards in places like Texas, and they affect who gets into the history books, its slanted view on social studies, it’s probably against including any kind of meaningful curriculum on the environment, so there are some structural changes that I believe that we need to make,” Castro said.

Schools do need to prioritize education over political bias, but the powerful bias comes from the left, not the right. Many college students cannot name another country that had slavery, because the evils of American slavery are so emphasized. Liberals have pushed bills to teach LGBT history. When will students learn about the historical growth of America’s values, the virtues — as well as the vices — of the founding and the Constitution? If Castro can keep those pesky right-wingers away from every curriculum, will students learn about the unique prosperity unleashed by the free market? What about the oppression and poverty of socialism?


Yet the liberal bias in education is already shaping the young generation. Young Americans are rejecting capitalism, partially because they are not learning the true story of capitalism’s prosperity.

As for climate change, alarmists like Castro cite the entirely false claim that 97 percent of scientists agree that humans are the main cause — based on a deceptive study. Climate alarmist predictions fail again and again, most embarrassingly in the Maldives, which stubbornly refused to sink beneath the waves on schedule.

The human impact on the global climate is far from a settled science, and kids should not be inundated with the alarmist propaganda.

Castro’s response should terrify conservatives. The current liberal bias in schools is not enough for presidential candidates like Julián Castro. He will not rest until conservative ideas are expelled from the classroom.


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