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Illinois Bill Orders Public Schools Teach LGBT History to Children, K-12

Lesbian couple kissing on rainbow colored LGBT steps

Last month, two bills were introduced into the Illinois state legislature. Senate Bill 3249 (submitted by state Senator Heather Steans) and House Bill 5596 (submitted by state Representative Anna Moeller) are companion bills that require history to be taught to all Illinois public school children (from kindergarten to the 12th grade) that honors and celebrates the contributions of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders in American history.

If these bills become law, Illinois would become the second state, after California, to require all public school children, from kindergarten on up, to focus on the contributions of the LGBT community in their studies of American history. What exactly are seven and ten year olds learning about homosexuality in California public schools? National Review's Alexandra DeSanctis laid out the curriculum in 2016.

Oh, and by the way, California parents are NOT allowed to have their children opt out of such instruction.

The same goes for the bill in Illinois. Just take a look at HB 5596, page 4, line 14, which states: "No pupils shall be graduated from the eighth grade of any public school unless he has received such instruction in the history of the US." That is not just referring to the history of labor unions. It specifically refers to LGBT history. No one is allowed to dissent. All must be forced to comply.

The LGBT community is very upfront about their belief that it is imperative to get to the children first and teach them their ideas about homosexuality before others can influence them.

I have several questions about this latest rage in public education.

1. Why should schools be teaching this?

Isn't this why kids have parents? How is this the jurisdiction  of the almighty state and their servants (our masters apparently) in the public school systems of America? Isn't human sexuality something that parents should be dealing with?

Ah, but there's the rub ... kids are going to spend SO much more time in public schools than in conversations with their parents or in Sunday School (if they go at all), and we can't trust the bigotry of parents and their "old fashioned" ideas, you know. Instead, ideas about sexuality must be FORCED on students ... as early as kindergarten.

2. Aren't there more important subjects?

Is there NOTHING more important that we should be teaching in our schools? I thought that schools existed to teach reading, math, science, government, the arts. (Silly me.) Shouldn't we be teaching our kids logic, economics, classical literature, geography, law and government? How about citizenship? Patriotism?

No, instead we must isolate certain groups of people solely on the basis of what they did with their genitals. What other sexual orientations must we cover? The great contributions of people who were prostitutes or into sado-masochism? How about polyamory, bestiality or necrophilia or pedophilia?