Jessica Yaniv Page, Inconvenient for Trans Activism, Disappears From Wikipedia

Internet screenshot, Wikipedia home page

Late Saturday night, the Wikipedia page for “the Jessica Yaniv waxing case” disappeared. Activists had tried to delete the page earlier this week, and it appears their efforts were successful.


A biological male originally named Jonathan, Yaniv claims to identify as a woman and has attempted to force female-run waxing studios to perform Brazilian waxes on his private parts. When the studios refused, he filed human rights complaints against them. One of the women shut down her business because of his complaint. The case is currently before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

Yet the Wikipedia page has disappeared. James Shupe, former Jamie Shupe, who became the first individual with a non-binary photo ID but desisted back to his biological sex, shared the news on Twitter.

Yaniv also faces sexual harassment claims, and messages show his bizarre interest in helping young girls put in tampons. He shared a photo of himself in a tweet claiming to be “one proud lesbian.” Lesbian feminists like Julia Beck would beg to disagree. In fact, feminists have slammed transgender activism as a form of “rape culture” because if a “transgender woman” like Yaniv wants to have intercourse with a lesbian, the lesbian cannot refuse on the grounds that Yaniv has male anatomy — that would be “transphobia.”


His case is inconvenient because it shows how transgender activism is ripe for abuse. While many transgender activists merely seek confirmation in their identity as the opposite sex, there is no way to prevent provocateurs like Yaniv from taking advantage of legal protections for transgender people. Meghan Murphy, a feminist journalist whom Yaniv bragged about getting banned from Twitter, explained why.

“I agree that it has nothing to do with transgenderism. That’s not the point,” Murphy told PJ Media last month. “Men are perpetrators of violence against women and girls for the most part — not all men, of course, but some. There are very good reasons why men are not allowed access to places where women and girls are vulnerable, shelters for women victims of rape, homeless shelters, prisons.”

“It doesn’t matter if that man identifies as transgender or not, there is still the potential for something bad to happen,” Murphy explained.


“It’s not possible to change from man into a woman. This whole idea is based on a lie and a delusion. Nobody can prove that there is a difference between a trans woman and a man. What’s changed? You’ve declared that something is different,” she said. “If any man can identify as a woman, what’s stopping any man from abusing a woman in a woman’s space?”

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