Police, Antifa Threaten Concerned Moms at Drag Queen Event With Chest-Binding Raffle for Preteens

Teen Pride poster, photo credit Lynn Meagher.

On Saturday, a library in the Seattle area hosted a “Teen Pride” event for children ages 9-19. The event featured drag queens, all sorts of explicit adult-themed advice, and a raffle for dangerous transgender chest binders. Three local moms, concerned about children being exposed to such things at a taxpayer-funded library, filmed the event in order to expose it. Police escorted the mothers out by force, warning that they were guilty of “criminal trespass.”


The “Teen Pride” event was billed as “a pride celebration designed by teens for teens!” According to the library website, it was suitable for “teens and tweens,” an age range of roughly 9 to 19 years.

“Obviously, we have some really big concerns,” local mom Lynn Meagher told PJ Media. “There wasn’t any restriction on any ages. It was just horrifying to us that they would use the library, the taxpayer public building, to fund this indoctrination of kids. So we are intending to go on the record and expose what they’re doing because we don’t think that anyone should be doing this in a public arena with children.”

She said the organizers anticipated a protest and were prepared to launch a counter protest, so she and her fellow moms decided to attend the event and document it instead.

“We didn’t talk to any of the kids, we didn’t harass anybody. We were polite,” Meagher said. “I saw kids that looked like they were ten,” and those kids asked confused questions about the explicit materials around them.

Meagher was most horrified by the chest binder raffle. The “Teen Pride” event raffled off eight chest binders to young girls. Girls who identify as masculine use the binders to flatten their chests to appear male. The binders may cause serious harm, such as lung damage, The Christian Post reported. One study reported in The New York Times found that “97.2 percent of the group that bound reported at least one negative physical symptom, such as back pain, overheating, chest pain and shortness of breath. Other symptoms included numbness, bad posture and lightheadedness.”


According to an Ontario clinic that performs gender surgeries, risks and side-effects of chest compression through binding include back and shoulder pain, inflamed and fractured ribs, and blood clots that could result in a heart attack.

Meagher noted that there are “so many documented harms to girls that bind. It was just unconscionable to me that they were doing this.”

In order to get the library staff to start reconsidering what they were doing, she proceeded to ask basic questions of the staffer who handled the raffle.

“So I asked her, ‘Hey what’s a binder? So can any kid enter for the binder? Do you have a minimum age or anything?’ She said, ‘This is a teen event. That’s not a problem. We just trust families to work that out.’ There were all of these kids and no parents.”

“It’s not their problem if your daughter wants to go to the library and get a binder without your knowledge,” Meagher added, bitterly. “And then she kind of looked at me and started to identify me as a not friendly person.”

This concerned mom would know. In April, she opened up to Brandon Showalter of the Christian Post, telling the story of losing her children to transgender identity. First her son identified as a woman, then her daughter identified as a man. Both her son and her daughter ran away and will not return her calls.


The chest-binding questions tipped off event staff that Meagher and her fellow moms filming the event might not be friendly to their cause. Event staff called the police and got them forcibly removed.

“After the drag queen, they said it was five o’clock and since the library was closing, this was not a private event and every adult who didn’t have a teenager with them will have to leave,” Meagher recalled. She refused to leave. “I am staying here and I am documenting this. If they’re not doing anything wrong, they should not be ashamed.”

“Two officers grabbed my arms and pulled me out of my chair and pushed me out of the library,” the concerned mom told PJ Media. “I said, ‘Is there a reason you need to hurt me? Why are you poking my arm?’ He said, ‘You could walk faster.'”

Police escorted her and her friend out of the library, but did not escort the other concerned mom, who had stopped filming in order to be less conspicuous.

“They said that we had committed criminal trespassing but they’re not going to charge us,” Meagher recalled. “They left a police officer there in the parking lot to keep an eye on us.”

“When we went to leave we were surrounded by about four men who behaved in a threatening way to us, they were taking our picture and filming us and getting pictures of our cars,” she added. The men said “that we were haters and we were fascists. They were closing in on us and trying to be really threatening. We were just standing there, three moms, praying. We ended up having to call 9-11 to have the police help us to get to our vehicles safely.”


In fact, a local antifa group published tweets calling for action against “right wing trash” at the library, whom they accused of “live-streaming kids trying to use the bathroom.”

Twitter screenshot of local antifa threat.

Twitter screenshot of local antifa threat.

“The claim that we filmed kids in the bathroom is utterly false and a defamation of character,” Meagher told PJ Media. “The video is available to view. Our friend was alone in the bathroom doing a live video in the only place she could find privacy to say where she was and what she was doing. Toward the end, a gentleman walked in behind her. She wasn’t filming anyone. It’s a smear.”

Meagher insisted that she filmed the “Teen Pride” event to expose the indoctrination of children in a public library. The photos and videos she took are too explicit for publication on PJ Media. Interested readers can see a sampling of photos at this Facebook post.

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