Senate Committee: We've Been Investigating Kavanaugh Allegations. It'd Be Nice for Dems to Join Us

A demonstrator shouts as Judge Brett Kavanaugh arrives prior to a hearing before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on his nomination as Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.Credit: Alex Edelman / CNP | usage worldwide Photo by: Alex Edelman/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee outlined the steps it had taken to investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against President Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Ford’s attorneys have demanded an FBI investigation, even though this duty falls under the Senate’s purview. The Republican-majority committee invited Democrats — who have not taken part — to join the investigation.


“Within hours of learning Dr. Ford’s identity from press reports on Sunday Chairman Grassley took swift action making contact w the alleged witnesses,” the committee’s Twitter account — speaking for the Republican majority — tweeted. “Dems haven’t joined background investigation of Dr. Ford’s allegations. It’s our constitutional duty to do investigations. Join us.”

Democrats have done worse than refusing to join in this investigation, however. “Democrats sat on Dr. Ford’s allegations for MONTHS & did nothing. They STILL haven’t turned over the original letter they received from Dr. Ford. Why would Dems sit on allegations for months and then not even participate in the Committee’s investigation?” the committee tweeted.


Then the committee outlined the steps they have taken to investigate the allegations. “On Monday, staff interviewed Judge Kavanaugh under penalty of felony. Democratic staff was invited and could have asked any question of Judge Kavanaugh. They declined to participate.”

Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of groping her and attempting to remove her clothes at a party, after Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge allegedly tricked her into a bedroom. She also claimed that there were two other witnesses. The committee has contacted and interviewed as many of these alleged witnesses as they could find.

“Staff contacted Mark Judge and obtained a statement under penalty of felony. Staff contacted third person allegedly at party described by Dr. Ford and obtained a statement under penalty of felony. Staff contacted fourth person allegedly at party,” the committee reported.


Kavanaugh’s former classmate P.J. Smyth came forward after reportedly being identified by Ford as one of the witnesses. He denied any knowledge of the party or the alleged assault. The identity of the last witness remains unknown, although the committee claims to have reached out to this person.

Republican staff at the committee have even “contacted a schoolmate who claimed on social media this week to have info related to Dr. Ford’s allegations. Committee has not yet heard back,” the Twitter account reported.

“The committee invited Dr. Ford for bipartisan interview by Republican and Democratic staff to obtain her testimony and any evidence she considers relevant. First reached out on Monday, but her lawyers haven’t agreed to an interview,” the committee added.

Then came the money tweet: “Her attorneys say there needs to be an investigation, which is exactly what the committee has been doing all week,” the committee declared. “And we would love to hear from Dr. Ford. Democratic staff is invited to participate fully every step of the way.”


“Obstruction” does not even come close to describing the disgusting delay tactics Democrats have employed on this issue, even while they claim to be honoring Ford and wanting her to testify. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) accused Republicans of “bullying” Ford into testifying.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) made light of threats against Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and her staff, suggesting she had it coming. “A sexual assault victim can’t sleep in her home tonight because of threats. Where are you sleeping? She’s on her own while you and your [Republican Senate] colleagues try to rush her through a hearing,” he tweeted. While he later apologized, this disgusting statement reveals the utter single-mindedness of Democrats in doing anything necessary to stop Kavanaugh.

More than 200 protesters got arrested at the Kavanaugh hearings, and groups like the Women’s March reimbursed the protesters as they got arrested.

Meanwhile, about 200 women have testified to Kavanaugh’s high moral character and respect for women. Two of his former girlfriends have called him “a perfect gentleman.” Kavanaugh coaches his daughter’s basketball team and literally made history for hiring the most female clerks on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.


Republicans have handled this issue well, and even MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski admitted that Democrats have overplayed their hand.

Senate Republicans have been investigating Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh. Where are the Democrats?

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