Korean Designer Makes 'Seeding Finger' So a Woman Can 'Become Pregnant by Herself'

Seeding Finger by Koo Hyeonjeong, Instagram screenshot.

A Korean designer has invented a new tool that women can use to impregnate themselves, making men unnecessary for the reproductive process.

The prosthetic Seeding Finger would allow a woman to enter her own vagina and deliver sperm to conceive a child. Koo Hyeonjeong, a designer who studied at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, also emphasized that the device could enable women to pleasure themselves without the need for male lovers.


“As women can become pregnant by themselves, the existing family ideology such as a single-parent family and same-sex family will change,” Hyeonjeong told the architecture and design magazine Dezeen. “The discourse that Seeding Finger will bring will be a catalyst to redefine the relationship and reality among people.”

The artist suggested that her Seeding Finger could “maximize women’s enjoyment, subjectivity and independence.”

“Through the Seeding Finger, people will interpret familism and individualism as a transformation of familism through dialectics of familism and autonomy, not as a mutual confrontation,” Hyeonjeong said.

The design for the prosthetic Seeding Finger seems rather similar to the male organ, but it does not create its own sperm. It has three main sections: a “pouch” to hold the sperm, a “tube” that the sperm travels through, and a “stem” for inserting the sperm into the vagina.

Modeled after a hand with one enlarged finger, the design creatively looks as though the woman is “flipping the bird” toward men in general. The pouch fits inside the palm section of the hand. When the user squeezes the hand, the pressure sends the sperm up through the finger and out through the fingertip into the vagina.


For all her talk about shaking up “the existing family ideology,” Hyeonjeong admitted this impregnation method would be artificial. She called it a “secondary reproductive system.” This would be a small consolation for men across the world, should the Seeding Finger take off.

Hyeonjeong has three other notable projects: a “co-incubating system” that provides premature babies with the necessary ingredients, a glass that measures cortisol levels in saliva as a user drinks water, and a chair that appears to disappear, giving the illusion of “floating away from gravity.”

Men would still be necessary for procreation, but only as sperm producers. Most straight guys would not appreciate the advent of this tool…


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