Crazed Leftist Women's March Protesters in 10 Cities Think Trump's Presidency Is a 'Handmaid's Tale'

Twitter screenshot of Women's March protesters dressed as "Handmaid's Tale" characters near Mar-a-Lago.

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to protest against President Donald Trump, and many of them donned costumes inspired by the Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale.” This echoed pro-abortion protesters who dressed up in similar costumes to oppose restrictions on abortion.


Leftists have increasingly adopted a “Handmaid’s Tale” theme in their opposition to Donald Trump. Many have claimed that Trump’s presidency represents a misogynistic regime not dissimilar to the dystopia in the Hulu series (and the book by Margaret Atwood on which it is based).

In the show and the book, a repressive government twists one particular Bible passage into an anti-woman regime, kicking women out of their jobs, removing their property, and forcing them to be systematically raped to bear children. This Leftist fantasy has no connection with what evangelical Christians actually believe, what pro-life activists push for, or what Trump himself has done in office.

Nevertheless, they repeated the tired old narrative this weekend — in at least ten cities. Here they are.

1. Austin, Texas.

As the Women’s March headed to the Texas State Capitol in Austin, former state senator Wendy Davis led the way, followed by a group of handmaids.

2. Chicago, Ill.

Women at the Chicago Women’s March dressed up as handmaids and held signs reading, “We [are not] your vessels,” “Women’s rights are NOT for sale! We won’t live the handmaid’s tale,” and “Wanted: The sexual predator-in-chief and whole Trump/Pence regime must go!” Lovely…


3. Denver, Colo.

These three protesters in Colorado’s capital city of Denver carried on the “Handmaid’s Tale” attack, two dressed as handmaids, and one carrying a sign based on the dystopian story. One woman directly connected the “Handmaid’s Tale” angle to the issue of abortion with a sign reading, “My body, my rules. Don’t tread on me,” with a uterus.

4. Hudson, N.Y.

Many women dressed in handmaid outfits at a protest in the Hudson Valley in Hudson, New York.

5. Oakland, Calif.

The red capes also made their way into the Women’s March in the suburb of Oakland, part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

6. Palm Beach, Fla.

Protesters dressed as handmaids also targeted President Donald Trump’s “Southern White House” resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla.


7. Pensacola, Fla.

The “Handmaid’s Tale” outfits also made an appearance at the other end of the Sunshine State, near Alabama in Pensacola, Fla. The handmaids also wore buttons reading “Hear our vote” and “Time’s Up.”

8. Philadelphia, Pa.

These protesters also dressed like handmaids while holding signs in the Philadelphia march.

9. Phoenix, Ariz.

“Handmaid’s Tale” aficionados formed a sizable contingent in Phoenix, Ariz. A column followed behind two women with the signs, “You can’t win a war on women,” and “We’ll make all the feminists we need.”

10. San Jose, Calif.

Two more handmaids marched in San Jose, Calif. over the weekend.


The Women’s March and “Handmaid’s Tale” protests have long been associated with the abortion movement. According to a recent poll, most Americans support wide restrictions on abortion.

Liberals dressing as handmaids may think they pose a clever rebuke to the Trump administration. They may see themselves as freedom fighters against allegedly oppressive evangelical Christians. Even so, their abortion position is out of step with most Americans, and anyone familiar with the Trump administration and evangelical churches knows just how laughable their ridiculous acts of protest really are.

If Democrats expect to ride a “Handmaid’s Tale” wave into office in November, they may be sorely disappointed.


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