Kermit Gosnell to Will Smith: There'd Be No 'Men in Black' if I Had 'Dropped You on Your Head'

Notorious abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who is currently serving life in prison for the murder of three babies born alive and the involuntary manslaughter of a patient who died in a botched abortion, wrote a letter to actor Will Smith, urging him to champion his case. In that letter, he released a chilling detail — it was Gosnell who delivered Smith at the moment of his birth.


“I’m fond of asserting that there could never be a Men in Black if I had dropped you on your head,” the 76-year-old disgraced abortion doctor wrote Smith in a letter obtained by Britain’s The Daily Mail. Smith is one of the top 500 actors on IMDB and is best known for Men in Black (1997). Gosnell said he was writing to Smith because of the actor’s reported political ambitions (in an interview with CBS News in 2015).

When Smith was born in 1968, Gosnell was a resident doctor at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. Smith’s grandmother, Helen Bright (who died in 1998), was a nurse who worked with Gosnell. Will Smith’s mother, Caroline, had her own doctor, Leopold Lowenberg, but he was stuck in traffic and could not make it to the hospital in time for Will’s birth. Helen Bright reportedly called in Gosnell to deliver the baby.

“There are reasons that [Mrs. Bright] chose Dr. G to deliver you when Dr. Lowenberg was in a traffic jam,” Gosnell wrote to the famous actor. “There were eleven other residents and more than twenty Jefferson Obstetricians. There are reasons that she apologized at her decision to ‘retire’ from her past time employment as my recovery room nurse.”

Then Gosnell hit on his core argument — he said that Will Smith’s grandma would have defended him as wrongfully targeted due to the color of his skin. “Mrs. Bright would have professed that I was a minority physician targeted for political gain, not a media monster,” the disgraced abortionist wrote. “And she may have agreed with my perspective that there are underlying foundations beyond sanctity for life.”


Then Gosnell fired straight into the hidden “racist” motivations of the pro-life movement. “Progressives oppose the low wages of an under-class and are not threatened by the ‘Browning of America,'” the former doctor wrote.

In other words, because the pro-life movement associates with the Right (after Democrats pushed pro-life advocates out of their party), and progressives demonstrate their true concern for life by supporting the minimum wage, the pro-life movement’s concern for the sanctity of life is really a sham to justify racist politics. Gosnell seems to be saying that the pro-life movement is racist, and that’s why they targeted him, not because of any wrongdoing on his part or the endangering of the lives of women and babies in his abortion clinic.

Will Smith was born well before Gosnell started to operate his infamous “House of Horrors” abortion clinic on Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia. At this location, he stabbed babies born alive with scissors in a procedure he called “snipping.” Gosnell also reportedly maintained an utterly filthy clinic, aborted babies well after the time limits of Pennsylvania law, and even operated on a woman who died as a result of his “care.”

Gosnell also recounted the story of Smith’s birth to Phelim McAleer, co-author of the scathing book (number 3 bestseller on AmazonGosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer. McAleer told The Daily Mail that he only learned this story after the book had gone to print.


McAleer reported that Gosnell is convinced he was targeted by Roman Catholic prosecutors who were guided by their faith’s opposition to abortion rather than by the law. He reportedly does believe that he will eventually be set free, and is training in prison to compete in triathlons when he is released.

The disgraced abortion doctor said he had previously composed letters to Smith, reaching out to the celebrity actor “when my son was a struggling actor in NYC.” But Gosnell’s son refused to approve of his draft letters “to request assistance in your mutual profession.”

Among other reasons, the abortionist wrote to the movie star in order to alert him to the racist tendencies in the “Criminal Justice System,” saying that “my situation may be unique only in the documentation of the abuse.”

“My contention is that a politician, relevant for people of color, need be fluent with issues which include: medical health capitation, the public and pharmacology industry’s over-emphasis on ‘magic bullets’, intuitive judgements, unconscious attitudes, implicit bias, cognitive bias, acceptable deception and planned deceit,” Gosnell declared. “Personally, I have confidence in eventual vindication as so many gross errors occurred in my proceedings.”

The disgraced abortionist expressed his interest in “Patricia’s welfare,” presumably referring to Will Smith’s sister Pamela. “My vision is of a position as Executive Director of my non-profit Defense and Educational Fund,” Gosnell wrote, seemingly promising Will Smith’s sister a job once he gets out of prison and sets up a non-profit…


In short, not only does Kermit Gosnell think the pro-life movement is a racist sham, he also seems to expect he will be released and will be in a position to offer Will Smith’s sister a job. While the criminal justice system does need reform, Gosnell’s denouncing it in this way is only likely to harm the cause of reform. It seems the Black Lives Matter narrative has gone too far to his head.

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