Trump Announces His Running Mate ... Little Donald!

YouTube Screenshot of Trump (Jimmy Fallon) and Little Donald (Jack Aiello) saying "Yuge"

On Wednesday’s airing of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the host pulled off his best impression of Donald Trump, and brought on a sidekick. The fake presumptive Republican nominee announced his fake running mate — a mini me version of himself!


As Fallon walked onto the podium marked “TRUMP,” he started by responding to the applause, saying, “Thank me, thank me, thank me.” But this was just the beginning of his tributes to The Donald’s “fantastic” ego.

“A lot of people have been speculating about who I’m going to pick as my running mate. Chris Christie? LeBron James? Chewbacca mom? All the choices. But no, the only person good enough to be my vice president … is me,” Fallon declared, in his typical deadpan impression of the Manhattan billionaire.

“That’s why, fourteen years ago, I created a clone of myself,” faux Trump declared. “He just graduated from the eighth grade, and he’s here tonight — he’s just fantastic. So allow me to introduce your next vice president, little Donald!”

With thunderous applause, recent eighth grade graduate Jack Aiello approached the podium, and echoed Fallon by thanking … himself. “Thank me, thank me. You know, it’s just fantastic to be here, it’s just fantastic.” Fallon cut in, “Isn’t he beautiful, isn’t he terrific?”

“We make quite a team, look at us,” fake Donald declared. “We have the same voice, we have the same hair…” and little Donald jumped in, “we have the same size hands.”

They have exactly the same brain — “We think exactly alike,” Aiello declared. “We even finish each others’ … walls.”


“Together, the two of us will create jobs, we’ll grow the economy, and most importantly … we’ll find Dory,” Fallon promised, giving a hat tip to Disney’s new film Finding Dory (2016).

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Aiello, or “little Donald,” gained fame by giving a “yuge” impression, not just of Trump, but of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as well, at his eighth grade graduation ceremony earlier this year. Check out the video here.

So Fallon couldn’t let the budding impressionist go without having him “prank call” both Clinton and Sanders — pretending to be each Democrat’s challenger!

As Sanders, prank calling Clinton, Aiello mastered the Vermont senator’s mannerisms and asked, “is your refrigerator running? Well, so am I. And I’m not ever dropping out!”

Then, as Clinton, the boy declared, “I was going to email you, but before I hit send, I accidentally deleted it!”


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