The 14 Best Tweets About the #TrumpBernieDebate

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night, Republican presumptive nominee Donald J. Trump said he would be willing to debate Democratic underdog Bernie Sanders before the California primary on June 7. Almost immediately afterward, Sanders accepted the challenge via Twitter.


No further information about the debate is available yet, but Sanders himself will appear on Kimmel’s show Thursday night.

Alas, it seems all hoped too soon.

Nevertheless, the #TrumpBernieDebate is still popular on Twitter. Here is PJ Media’s list of the 14 best tweets. Enjoy! (Check out the Star Wars one, number 2.)

Next Page: Billionaire and socialist compete for public housing.

14. Billionaire and socialist compete for public housing.

13. Check out this .gif!

Next Page: Just how excited is every cable network in America right now?

12. You and literally every cable network vying to get the rights to this debate.


11. Get your popcorn!


Next Page: A preview of the debate — seriously, this is amazing.

10. Laughing out loud here.



9. Grab that fry, Donald! It’s called socialism. Bernie likes it.


Next Page: No more safe spaces!

8. #BernieTrumpDebate — NO MORE SAFE SPACES!!


7. Wall Street vs. Main Street?

Next Page: But which one is Captain America?

6. This is perfect.

5. And for the other team:


Next Page: Will the memes ever stop?

4. Will the memes ever stop?!



3. No, no they won’t.


Next Page: Seriously, check out this Star Wars tweet!

2. Star Wars, if the Jedi were secretly crazy commies.


1. And my personal favorite.


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