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[Developing] Multiple Shootings in Cambrils Near Barcelona

At around midnight in Barcelona (6PM EDT), the Catalan police reported they were "working on" an incident in Cambrils, a coastal town in Tarragona about three hours southwest from Barcelona.

El País is reporting that a car with four men in it ran over several pedestrians before the men were killed by security forces. The police also captured one man on foot who was injured and taken into custody. (He died later in the hospital.) The men appear to have been wearing suicide vests, and the Mossos (police in Catalan) warned people that there would be several controlled explosions coming, apparently to disarm and destroy explosives still contained in the car.


The police have also confirmed now that an explosion in Alcanar in Tarragona on the night of the 16th was terror related. Originally it had been thought to be a gas explosion, but they now believe the propane cylinders were part of an improvised explosive for other attacks in the area.

ISIS has now claimed responsibility for these attacks. As the number of attackers grows, it's becoming clear this was not a "lone wolf" attack but a planned multiple-location attack intended to cause massive casualties.


La Vanguardia has put video up on YouTube of the four terrorists, explosive vests still on their bodies.