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Mike Huckabee Stabs Trump in the Back: 'Let's Quit Telling People Health Care Will Be Less Expensive'

In the past, President Donald Trump aggressively criticized ObamaCare for raising premiums and deductibles. The GOP plan, he says, will repeal and replace that horrendous health care bill and lower both.

Of course it won't do any such thing -- after all, it's pretty much ObamaCare II -- but you'd think that his most passionate supporters would at least get the hint and lie about it as brazenly as Trump himself does.

Apparently, Mike Huckabee didn't get the memo:

“Health care is not going to get less expensive,” Huckabee declared, talking to Martha MacCallum on Fox News Monday.

“We’ve got to just suck it up and accept the fact that because technology is so dramatically different,” he explained, “50 years ago medicine was house calls, it was you got penicillin and aspirin. They were still using ether in the operating rooms, and that was about the extent of anesthesia.”

“Today, we have tomography,” he continued, “we have MRI, we have CAT scans, we have extraordinary nuclear medicine. We have procedures that were unthinkable 50 years ago. But they’re very expensive, everybody wants them, everybody will feel like, ‘I need to be able to access those.’"

And then:

"Let’s quit telling people health care is going to get less expensive."

Huckabee's timing could hardly have been worse. Yes, the House of Representatives narrowly passed AHCA, but it's widely expected to face an uphill battle in the Senate. At the same time, actual conservatives are ramping up their opposition to the bill.