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Men Confess to 'Toxic' Sins of Manhood at University Confessional Booth


Adding to the proof that the left is basically a fundamentalist cult, the University of Regina has unironically set up a confessional booth so that men can confess to the sin of being ... well ... men. Masked as an initiative to combat sexual harassment, the university's Man Up Against Violence program is a function of identity politics designed to emasculate men. The first step in that emasculation is requiring men to seek forgiveness for the sin of being a man.

For the record, real men do not enact violence against women. Period. As I raise my son to be a man, and I am raising him to be a man in ways that embrace masculinity, I'm teaching him to respect women and to defend them. Teaching my son that masculinity means respecting and protecting women is a cardinal sin of the left, of course. Fathers like me are pilloried for daring to believe that women might need a man to occasionally protect them. That's the kind of sin that demands repentance in a leftist confessional booth and then penance of some sort.

Lest you think that the confessional booth set up by leftists at the University of Regina is a one-off event, pay attention to the number of emasculated males who apologize for being men. Many liberal men use their social media accounts as a confessional booth, of sorts. Exhibit A:

It takes little more than typing in the words "men apologizing for being men" to uncover a treasure trove of emasculated men seeking forgiveness for the sin of being men from their new religious leaders. And if you think that I'm overstating the religious aspect of the left, keep in mind that the University of Regina has simply decided to do away with the informality of their cultic practices and formalize those practices by using the language and methods of overt religiosity.

In the 1970s, Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones was a compadre of Harvey Milk. There was a time when the Peoples Temple was a shining feather in the left's diversity cap. Of course, in a somewhat revision of history, liberals claim that Milk and the liberal elite of San Francisco were conned and then held against their will, in a manner of speaking. According to Harvey Milk apologists, Jim Jones was a dangerous dude and Milk was snookered by the charismatic cult leader but eventually realized the truth. They protest (too much and too loudly) that Milk was frightened and quietly yet earnestly warned others about Jones and the Peoples Temple.

Look, I don't mind ceding that the Harvey Milk apologists speak some truth. Of course Jim Jones was a con man and a dangerous dude. We all know that. However, the fact remains that the Jim Jones connection with Harvey Milk, the homosexual rights movement, and the liberal elites of San Francisco demonstrates something else that we all know, too: Progressivism is basically a fundamentalist cult that demands absolute obeisance.