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Ashley Judd Embarrasses Herself Over Women's Rights

Self-proclaimed "Nasty Woman" Ashley Judd is trying to rebrand herself. Instead of an actress, she lately appears to be a full-time activist. Unfortunately, her latest comments explain yet again why Hollywood should think twice before using the extra PR it has access to for weighing in on matters beyond its grasp:

Of course, Judd isn't the only one to spout this brand of stupid. In fact, she's only parroting someone else's stupid:

Women in Rwanda, Iceland, Vietnam and 131 other nations have constitutionally guaranteed equal rights, but American women do not, claims Rep. Jackie Speier who wants to change that with a constitutional amendment because she obviously doesn’t know much about the Constitution which guarantees equal rights for all.

“We think we’re so enlightened and ahead of the curve and, frankly, we’re behind,” said Speier who has a bill to update the Constitution with discrimination on the basis of sex which is what this bill would engender.

Both crazy Ashley Judd and Jackie Spier think people in Rwanda, Angola, Eritrea, Sudan, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and so many other similar nations have it better.

Of course, our Constitution actually doesn't spell out women's rights explicitly -- but not because of the "Patriarchy" or anything. No, they're not spelled out as women's rights because the Constitution protects rights for everyone. Period.

Meanwhile, nations like Saudi Arabia do not permit women to drive or even to leave home without a male escort, and they punish women who are the victims of rape.