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Say Hello to the Liberal Second Amendment Supporters

A gun with an American flag and the Constitution

Vocativ has a story titled "The Gun Lovers No One Talks About" that describes the politically liberal Second Amendment crowd, which is growing. The purpose seems to be to marginalize the conservative "nutjob" gun owner in comparison to just regular people who own guns.

What does it mean to be politically liberal and also a Second Amendment supporter? Here's an answer from Jae Seifert, a Colorado resident who is "in favor of legalizing weed and physician-assisted euthanasia. He’s pro-immigrant and believes in civil rights for all Americans. In last year’s election, he was an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter — before he reluctantly backed Hillary Clinton."

Seifert purchased an AR15 in Colorado. “I think that in this country, because we have freedom, with that comes a certain acceptance of risk,” Seifert told Vocativ in a phone interview. “So if you’re going to be free, that also means I have freedom to do things that you may not like, which includes carrying a gun.

That's not exactly what the liberals are pushing these days, Mr. Seifert. In fact, liberals and liberal politicians have a decidedly anti-Second Amendment attitude and policy platform so you are voting against your own interest as a gun owner if you support them. Liberals do not want you to have the freedom to do or believe things they do not like.

The interesting thing about Seifert is that he is not just a self-described liberal, but he is also a gun store owner.

The 28-year-old also owns a gun store. Seifert said it’s “just kind of getting started,” but WZ Outfitters represents a rarity in a country where gun shops are mostly associated with the conservative right. As a gun store owner with a liberal worldview, Seifert puts WZ Outfitters in a unqiue position to serve gun-lovers who shun shops owned by those who identify with the racist, xenophobic far-right. WZ Outfitters carries a range of firearms for sport and protection purposes, but you’ll find no anti-Muslim merchandise or Donald Trump-supporting bumper stickers there.

“I don’t really like that kind of traditional gun store experience where you go in, you’ve got Islamaphobic shit, really, really right wing stuff. Just the whole kind of, ‘Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Fuck the other guys,'” he said. “That’s also part of the reason I felt like I wanted to start my own store.”

I'm not sure what kinds of gun stores Seifert visits, but as someone who has been shooting all over the country, I've never seen anything like Islamaphobic shit, really, really right wing stuff at a gun store or at a gun range. I'm not including NRA stickers and signs as "really really right wing stuff."

Seifert is not alone. "The Liberal Gun Club," which provides “a voice for gun-owning liberals and moderates in the national conversation on gun rights,” has seen a 10% increase in its membership since the election. And there is a subreddit for Liberal Gun Owners that claims 7,000 members.