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Morocco Warned Germany Twice About Berlin Killer Anis Amri; German Intel Did Nothing

A Moroccan security official says that his country's intelligence service warned Germany twice about the risk posed by Anis Amri, the radical Muslim who slaughtered 12 people at a Christmas market in Berlin earlier this month.

The official, who spoke to Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, says that the Germans received two written warnings, one on September 19 and the other on October 1, about Amri's radical Islamic beliefs. He explains:

Correspondence from the Moroccan security agencies had a clear warning about the Tunisian man's desire to carry out a terrorist act.

Earlier this month, Dutch populist Geert Wilders was criticized because he told Angela Merkel in a tweet that she had blood on her hands.

We now know that he was 100% correct. Merkel and the entire German government do have blood on their hands. Not only because they had an open-borders policy that allowed terrorists like Amri to get in, but also because they sat on their hands when they were warned about specific individuals with specific plans.

If Merkel had any sense of honor, she'd resign. Instead, she's eyeing yet another term as German chancellor. Shameful.