The Democrat Media Complex Will Never Understand What Happened Tuesday Night

Mortally wounded animals will often put up their greatest fight in their dying moments, lashing out with ferocity at all around them to maximize the damage on their way out.

Political media in America may not have been mortally wounded on Tuesday night--though that remains to be seen--but they sure took a hit. The people who fancy themselves as more worldly and knowledgeable than most Americans went all-in on a candidate whose entire candidacy was fueled by little more than the stale identity-politics air that's trapped inside the coastal media bubbles.

I have watched more cable news coverage in the last couple of days than I usually would in a year, all because I keep waiting to see if there will be any sort of epiphany about the real reasons why Trump won or, more importantly for them, why Hillary lost.

Even a little epiphany will do.

A tiny, tiny epiphany.


The morning after the election, I was asked by a lifelong Democrat friend of mine what my thoughts were. I told her that my big takeaway was the that media managed to make me respect it less and despise it more even though this was an election cycle where I had no emotional investment whatsoever in a candidate.

It's not just the bias, although I will never condone that while they're pretending to be neutral observers. It's the overwhelming ignorance displayed by a group of people who truly believe themselves to be the smartest ones in the room. It's like an island populated by people who are four feet tall and have never met anyone else: they all think they're giants.

Thus far, the talking heads have almost led themselves to coherent conclusions about the election, but when they get close the myopic world view and overwhelming lack of political and intellectual diversity in their ranks slow them down before getting to the truth. It's their laziness, however, that stops them dead in their tracks after a while.

That laziness is manifested by accusations of racism against any and all who disagree with Democrat orthodoxy as currently presented. For two straight days MSM punditry has actually ping-ponged between three blame targets when discussing how the election went to Trump: third parties, James Comey, and racism. However, rules are rules here in Barack Obama's era of hope and change, so it is racism that naturally gets the most air time.

When discussing voters beyond the coastal bubbles, MSM Clinton apologists focus solely on race. The economic situations of any white voters in flyover states are left at the door as the pundits rush headlong to the only explanation they've really known for 8 years when confronted by the reality that not everyone thinks the same as they do. They see only ethnic and racial voting blocs, not people. If they do spend a moment contemplating the people of middle America as individuals, then the "white privilege" subroutine of their "Racism!" programming kicks in, quickly mollifying any internal conflict that may have been brought on by the brief introduction of evidence contrary to the narrative.