Riot Horror: Was This Man Viciously Beaten by Thugs for Being a Trump Supporter?

A disturbing video of two black thugs viciously beating a man emerged online yesterday.

As the attackers pummeled the elderly man to the ground, a voice in the background could be heard repeatedly shrieking, "You voted Trump --yahhh!"  They continued punching and kicking the man while he was cowering on the ground. One of the thugs grabbed what looks a cell phone, while another one actually went into driver's side of his car and started looking for things to steal.

As the man struggled to his feet (while yelling, "Get out of my car!"), a woman could be heard screaming, "You gonna pay for my sh*t?"

At that point, one of the attackers resumed beating him, savagely raining blows to his face and head, while the bystanders squawked in approval. The video ends with one of the thugs going back into his car and shutting the door.

The location of the incident has not been verified, but Twitter users are saying that it was filmed in Chicago.

One commenter on Twitter sought to justify the black-on-white violence by posting a picture that depicts white-on-black violence from 50-60-70 years ago.