It's Time: Conservatives Have to Prepare for a 4-Year-Long, All-Out War on Hillary Clinton

The Republican Party has already lost the presidential election. Sure, election day won't come for another month, but after the latest revelation, we can stick a fork in Donald Trump's campaign. Of course, a blind man could see Trump was going to lose weeks and even months ago, but it's truly a done deal now. And Republican leaders know it; it's why they've dropped their support for him and are even calling him out publicly. If he had a remote chance of winning, they'd simply keep their mouths shut and wait for whatever will happen. Because he's going to lose -- big, probably -- they feel like they can and have to condemn him en masse.

Whether you support Trump or not has now become irrelevant. The presidential election is lost. Hillary Clinton will be America's next president.

God help us all -- not only Americans, but also those of us living in the rest of the world, who'll undoubtedly be facing even more chaos in years to come. And that's saying something, because Barack Obama has truly made a mess of it. Because of his weakness and, interestingly enough, America hatred, the world has become a worse place.

To a very large degree, we've got the American president to "thank" for that.

Be that as it may, Obama will be succeeded by Hillary. That's a major problem, but it's also a terrific opportunity for conservatives and libertarians.