Former Pro-Hillary Journo Describes Sid Blumenthal's Slimy Rumor-Mongering in 2008

Another journalist --the second one in two days -- came out Saturday to confess that Sid Blumenthal aggressively shopped the rumor to him in 2008 about then-Senator Barack Obama being born in Kenya. Meanwhile, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau spent some time on Twitter today trying to stamp out the new narrative.

That Jon Favreau is a funny guy. A wordsmith who, it turns out, is also a jokesmith.

Here he is, for instance, yucking it up with a Hillary Clinton cut-out at a party after the 2008 election:


Funny stuff. That's Favreau on the left by the way --  years before the GOP #WarOnWomen,  so no harm, no foul.

Favreau's rakish sense of humor made another appearance last May on the Charlie Rose show when he, along with two other former Obama speechwriters, Jon Lovett and David Litt, were on the PBS program to gush about Obama and the art of speechwriting. When the subject of Obama's infamous, oft-repeated false health-care promise came up, they all had a good laugh at the taxpayers' expense.

“Lovett wrote the line about, ‘If you like your insurance, you can keep it,’” Favreau grinned with a gleam in his eye. “How dare you!” Lovett responded, as the room erupted with laughter.

Over five million individual health plan holders lost their insurance in the fall of 2013 after Obama promised they wouldn't. Tens of millions more have been clobbered with skyrocketing premiums. Six and a half years after the unpopular law passed and three years after it was launched, it remains unpopular. The RCP polling average shows only 39.2 percent of the American people like ObamaCare and 48.8 percent are against it.

But it's pretty funny how Team Obama pulled the wool over everyone's eyes, I guess. Like they did with "shovel ready jobs" (#LOL), "an anti-Mohammed YouTube video caused the Benghazi attack" (#ROTFL),  "ISIS is the jayvee team" (#LMAO), and so many other witty whoppers over the years.

You would think a guy with Jon Favreau's particular talents would be able to recognize a lie when he saw one, but when he saw former press secretary for George W. Bush Ari Fleischer tweet that Hillary Clinton ought to apologize to Obama because her 2008 campaign was the originator of “birther” theories, he was indignant. How dare Ari Fleischer say such a thing.  Why, that's a shameful, disgusting lie!

Via Twitchy:

As PJ Media reported Friday, a McClatchy Washington Bureau chief claimed Sid Blumenthal shopped that rumor to him in 2008. Another (former) Clinton loyalist in the media made the same claim on Saturday but with much more juicy detail.