Colin Kaepernick Wears Practice Socks Mocking Police

Black Lives Matter is fond of chanting "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" at protests around the country. It shouldn't surprise anyone that some blacks have taken that chant to heart and acted on the threat to police.

Now, hero-patriot Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback who is refusing to stand for the national anthem, has some explaining to do. Kaepernick  was seen at practice sporting a pair of socks with the caricature of a pig wearing a cop's hat.


Regardless of his stance on the anthem, where does he stand on showing solidarity with a group that urges followers to kill police?

CBS Sports:

After Kaepernick's interview, the San Francisco Police Officers Association sent out a letter blasting his comments.

Well, if they weren't happy with his comments, they're probably not going to like his practice socks.

It appears that over the past few weeks, Kaepernick has been wearing socks that show a pig in a cop's hat.

Kaepernick hasn't been asked about his socks yet, but it wouldn't be shocking to find out that it's part of his statement that he's trying to make against police brutality.

It's definitely no accident that Kaepernick's wearing these in practice, and there's also no question that the socks were designed to make fun of cops.

If police officers were supporting Kaepernick's cause before, something like this, as small as it is, might cause them to reconsider, just as the SFPD did after he made his comments on Sunday.

The 49ers quarterback will be in San Diego this week, where he's expected to continue his protest during a celebration where the Chargers will be honoring 240 military members before the national anthem.

I'm not sure whose jurisdiction applies for practice wear, but either the team or the league must take action against this ignoramus. With police in every major city suffering from the Ferguson Effect, not to mention fearing for their lives, there must be zero tolerance in the public square for this kind of nauseating demonstration of cynicism and ignorance.