What About the Clinton Foundation Investigation?

The investigation into the Clinton Foundation didn't come up at all during FBI Director James Comey's press conference Tuesday, prompting pundits like Fox News national security analyst K.T. McFarland to ask why.

Fox News reported Tuesday evening that despite the FBI's ruling on her emails, "Hillary Clinton may not be completely in the clear. "

"The Clinton Foundation  may still be the subject of its own investigation,"  Megyn Kelly reported Tuesday evening on The Kelly File. "Director Comey made no mention of the foundation today or whether the FBI is investigating it, at all."

According to Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge, Republican Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Jason Chaffetz pressed Comey after his statement at FBI headquarters about whether there would be charges against Clinton's aides, and whether the entire investigation was closed.

"I specifically asked him what about the other people -- what about the IT guy, what about the inner circle, what about the other things. And he quickly said, 'I can't tell you about that yet.'" Chaffetz explained on Special Report.

As Fox News reported back in January, the FBI expanded its investigation into Clinton's emails to include the possible intersection of State Department business and the Clinton Foundation and whether public corruption laws were violated (as chronicled in Peter Schweizer's book "Clinton Cash").

Herridge noted that it wasn't typical for Comey to not take questions after making a statement. "He seemed to anticipate the backlash," she said.