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New Gun Control Bill in CA Would Allow People to have Firearms Confiscated from Co-Workers

The Democrat-controlled legislature in California sent a flurry of gun control bills to Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday. The L.A. Times expects Brown to sign some of them before he jets off to Europe for a vacation.

But controversy over the gun control measures reached beyond Republicans who voted against them as an erosion of the 2nd Amendment. One measure that would allow Californians to petition courts to take guns away from co-workers also drew strong objections from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Another bill sent to the governor would require ammunition buyers to show identification and have their names checked against a list of felons and others prohibited from having firearms.

The "flurry" of bills sitting on the governor's desk is just part of the plan to expand the gun control laws in California. Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom also has a gun control initiative that will appear on the November ballot.  Newsom said he was “pleased” by the legislature, calling the bills a “meaningful step in the right direction.”

“Now, with the Safety for All initiative, voters will finally have a chance to take matters into their own hands and keep the momentum going with bold reforms that build and expand well beyond today’s achievements,” he said.

The L.A. Times reports, "Two of the bills approved by the Legislature ban the sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable ammunition magazines, including those with 'bullet buttons' that when pressed with a sharp object allow the quick removal and replacement of magazines. Those who already own such guns would have to register them with the state as assault weapons."

“These types of firearms have no legitimate use for sport hunters or competitive shooters,” said hunting and sport shooting expert Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles). “Members, too many of our sons and daughters, too many of our brothers and sisters, too many of our mothers and fathers have fallen victim to gun violence in California. We cannot afford to delay action any longer. The time to act is now.”

The NRA criticized the bills for the same reasons they criticize most gun control bills: they do not stop criminal behavior but instead restrict behavior of law-abiding citizens.

“It's been a shameful process to watch,” said Amy Hunter, an NRA spokeswoman. “The bills hold a common theme: restrictions on the law-abiding citizens of California, while doing nothing to reduce criminal behavior.”