House Sit-In: A Brief Tutorial on How American Government Works Now

House Sit-In

For those of you who may still be laboring under the illusion that we live in something resembling the antiquated notion of a constitutional republic, allow me to enlighten you about how things have changed since your high school government class. Here's how the legislative branch works now:

When the Democrats are in power they get everything they want, even if it means ramming through legislation in the middle of the night and twisting the rules until they are virtually unrecognizable. When the Republicans are in power, the Democrats still get everything they want because the Republicans basically just hand it to them to avoid being called racists or misogynists. When they don't get what they want, Democrats throw temper tantrums and hold their breath until they get what they want. Either way, they win. Always.

This is definitely not how I learned it in government class, but trust me, this is how it works now.

Right now, House Democrats, led by 1960s civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, are staging a childish sit-in—Occupy-style—on the floor of the House because Republicans won't cave fast enough on taking away our Second Amendment rights. (Don't worry, Trump will be here to do it soon enough...I heard his surrogate say it on CNN tonight!) Despite the fact that the terrorist who shot up the nightclub in Orlando wasn't on the no-fly list, the Twilight Zone-dwellers in the Democratic Party are sure, so very sure, that preventing people on the no-fly list from buying guns would have stopped the attack. (What was that Reagan said about Democrats knowing so many things that aren't so?)

If you're envisioning Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. when you picture this House sit-in in your mind, you'd be way off. Think a slumber party with a bunch of 7th grade girls. Our well-paid members of Congress are enjoying Starbuck's, Chinese food, and taking many, many selfies with their friends (I wouldn't be surprised if there are manis and pedis too!). They've also sent out for pillows and blankies, because you definitely need pillows if you're going to sit on that luxurious carpet all night.

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